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Post Masters Certificate Program in Applied Behavior Analysis

The post master's certificate in applied behavior analysis (ABA) is a standalone program designed for professionals who already hold a master's degree in education or psychology and wish to become a board certified behavior analyst® (BCBA®). It is designed to produce highly knowledgeable and experienced professionals in the field of applied behavior analysis, a rapidly growing field locally, nationally and internationally. The certificate program is a 24-credit program that is able to be completed within approximately one year. The program is a Verified Course Sequence of ABAI. All course content is consistent with the current Task List (Task List 5) outlined by the BACB® as meeting current and future certification requirements. Courses are taught by qualified faculty consisting of a combination of tenure track faculty and adjuncts as needed. All courses are taught on campus. The program prepares candidates to work with individuals with developmental disabilities, behavioral disorders, and other disabilities in various settings including public and private special education settings, clinics, hospitals, and residential treatment facilities. It provides a balance between rigorous academics, scholarship, and experience, preparing candidates to be practitioners and researchers in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis. Please note that the program only contains 250 of the required supervised experience hours. Upon completion of this program, at least an additional 1250 hours of supervised experienced will be necessary to sit for the certification examination.

Course Sequence

Summer 1 (6 credits)
EDST 7316   Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis (3 credits)
EDST 7317   Measurement and Experimental Design in ABA (3 credits) 

Fall 1 (9 credits)
EDST 7318   Assessment and Intervention in ABA (3 credits)
EDST 7335   Applied Behavior Analysis Principles I (3 credits)
EDST 7324   ABA Practicum I (250 Fieldwork Hours) (3 credits)*

Spring 1 (6 credits)
EDST 7321   Ethical, Legal, and Professional Issues in ABA (3 credits)
EDST 7336   Applied Behavior Analysis Principles II (3 credits)

Summer 2 (3 credits)
EDST 7338   Supervision and Management in ABA (3 credits)

Total Credits Earned = 24
* EDST 7324 can be taken either in Fall 1 or Spring 1

Admissions Requirements

  • Holding of a Master's Degree in either Psychology or Education 
  • Graduate GPA of 3.0 or higher
  • Official transcripts of master's degree submitted
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Personal statement describing reasons for pursuing a certificate in ABA
  • Personal interview as needed