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Seton Hall University

Counseling and Enrollment Services

EOP's Counseling and Enrollment Services provides a holistic approach to supporting EOP students in their pursuit of a college degree. The approach of this area of the Educational Opportunity Program is two-fold:

  • Recruitment (Initial Students): We seek to identify and recruit students that show the potential to succeed at Seton Hall and a strong desire to be a member of the SHU Educational Opportunity Program. These students must meet the eligibility requirements income guidelines established by the State of New Jersey, as well as establishing historical poverty, if necessary. Each applicant must participate in our interview process; which involves meeting with staff and students. Each year the Educational Opportunity Program recruits sixty (60) initial students who enter Seton Hall University through our six-week summer program.
  • Counseling: The primary purpose of the counseling area is to facilitate the students personal development and enhance their academic success as measured through their grades, retention and graduation rates. Each student is assigned a Student Development Specialist (SDS) whose responsibility is to assist each student achieve their educational goals by designing and implementing a "transformational" experience, an experience that engages the whole person while addressing the student's "vision" of their success. These experiences will include activities which initiate the following:
  • Inspiration: Counselors will attempt to inspire each student to function at their highest level. We accomplish this by connecting the students' dreams with their behavior. Counselors will assist the students in developing a realistic Plan of Action (POA), which is updated each semester via our Services Agreement.
  • Empower: Students are empowered to take responsibility for success by monitoring their behaviors while developing their emotional intelligence.
  • Vision: Each student and staff member will understand that the students' vision must align with the students' ability to succeed in the area of their career choice, and their willingness to work to their potential.

Location/Hours of Operations

Counseling and Enrollment Services is located in Alfieri Hall (First Floor). We are open from Monday to Friday, 9 a.m.—5 p.m.

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