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(Teaching of English to Speakers of Other Languages)

In Their Own Words

"Essentially the amount of work is perfect and the teachers are understanding, kind, and experienced!"
Mariana – TESOL graduate certificate + MA in Instructional Design and Technology student

"The time the classes are offered and the program being an on-going program is attractive to teachers like me."
Ajitha – TESOL graduate certificate student

"The program has been flexible and understanding. They want me to succeed with the content while understanding that I manage a career and family."
Christine – TESOL graduate certificate student

"I like the relaxed atmosphere in the class and I love Pfr. Sefchik. She is an excellent, knowledgeable professor."
Scott – TESOL graduate certificate student

"A primary strength of the program is the vast information of resources especially on the WIDA standards and the Bilingual Code."
Jannette – TESOL graduate certificate student