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Pre-Service Teacher Workshop: "ELLs in the Mainstream"  

People at Pre-Service Teacher WorkshopCollege of Education and Human Services (CEHS) undergraduate and graduate students preparing to become school teachers attended a professional development workshop titled, "ELLs in the Mainstream: A toolkit for pre-service teachers". Held on Tuesday, September 26, the workshop event was sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society and the Department of Educational Studies (EDST). The interactive workshop was filled to capacity at 30 attendees and included members of the senior, junior, sophomore, and freshman classes as well as graduates in our CEAS (Certificate of Eligibility with Advanced Standing) program. Kappa Delta Pi was well-represented at the event with faculty sponsors Dr. Omayra Arocho and Dr. Lauren McFadden in attendance along with many KDP current members.

Kappa Delta Pi at Pre-Service Teacher WorkshopThe workshop was designed and facilitated by EDST faculty member, Dr. Bryan Meadows. It was designed for the needs of future teachers who are not specializing in English as a Second Language (ESL) but nevertheless will likely be working with English Language Learner (ELL) students in their future classrooms. The interactive workshop provided attendees with teacher tools they can incorporate into their teaching, regardless of their specialization area (e.g., elementary generalist, special education, secondary science, etc.). Dr. Meadows presented three teacher tools to the audience: (a) basic knowledge about ESL services in New Jersey, (b) teacher perspectives that best serve ELL students in mainstream, content-area classrooms, (c) classroom pedagogical strategies/tips that help connect ELL students with the school curriculum (i.e., New Jersey Student Learning Standards). Dr. Meadows engaged the audience in hands-on activities to help illustrate the three teacher tools. One activity was an awareness-raising simulation where attendees participated in a brief lesson conducted in Japanese so that they could experience firsthand what it is like to be a student in a classroom where the language of instruction is unfamiliar. The workshop session closed with a brief Q&A session. Attendees left the workshop with a collection of practical resources they can apply to their future teaching. Dr. Meadows, along with KDP faculty sponsors Drs. McFadden and Arocho, wish CEHS students the greatest success in serving all classroom students with equity and integrity.

CEHS at Pre-Service Teacher WorkshopCEHS offers a 15-credit graduate pathway to ESL K-12 teacher certification. For more information please visit the program webpage. For more information about Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society at Seton Hall University, please visit the KDP blog.

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