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Strategy Workshop for Pre-Service Teachers: Three Essential Strategies for Supporting ELL Students  

Pictures of Strategy WorkshopCollege of Education and Human Services (CEHS) undergraduate and graduate students attended a professional development workshop titled, "Strategy Workshop for Pre-Service Teachers: Three Essential Strategies for Supporting ELL Students." Held on Thursday, November 30, the workshop event was sponsored by Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society and the Department of Educational Studies (EDST). The interactive workshop was organized into three 15-minute demonstrations of practical strategies mainstream content-area teachers can use when serving English-language learners. The workshop supports the CEHS efforts to prepare all teacher candidates to successfully serve ELL students in K-12 schools.

The workshop was led by three co-presenters: Bryan Meadows, Ph.D. (Seton Hall University), Pfr. Hansley Cazeau (Paterson Public Schools/Kean University), and Shane Smith, Ph.D. (Kean University). Each co-presenter shared with the audience one classroom strategy. Dr. Meadows presented "Modifying Texts for ELLs," a technique best suited for Social Studies and English Language Arts classrooms. In this strategy, content-area teachers redesign text in ways that reduce the text complexity without taking away from the disciplinary content to be learned. Next, Pfr. Cazeau demonstrated for the audience "Using Multimedia with ELLs," a technique appropriate for all content-area classrooms that incorporate videos into instruction. A central part of the strategy is developing guiding questions for videos to support ELL engagement with the intended course content. Finally, Dr. Smith introduced the audience to "Concept Sketches as a Strategy to Assess ELL Student Knowledge of Science." This strategy is well suited for all levels of science classrooms. The technique works by allowing ELL students to communicate complex scientific understanding through visual diagrams in place of or in complement to written language. The workshop session closed with a brief Q&A session. Attendees left the workshop with hands-on practice with three classroom strategies they could bring to their current/future classroom. The co-presenters (Dr. Meadows, Pfr. Hansley , and Dr. Smith), along with KDP faculty sponsors Dr. McFadden and Dr. Arocho, wish CEHS students the greatest success in serving all K-12 students with compassion and equity.

CEHS offers a 15-credit graduate pathway to ESL K-12 teacher certification. For more information please see the program webpage. For more information about Kappa Delta Pi Education Honor Society at Seton Hall University, please see the KDP blog.

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