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TESOL Program Hosts Webinar for ESL Teachers on the Job Market  

TESOL webinar june 2020The TESOL graduate certificate program at Seton Hall University hosted a free webinar on June 24, 2020. Titled What to expect on the K12 ESL job market, the webinar provided guidance to new and experienced teachers seeking employment in NJ public schools as an ESL (English as a Second Language) instructor. The webinar was offered at no cost to participants as a public service of the TESOL graduate certificate program. Twenty attendees joined the webinar which lasted for one hour. Attendees included recent Seton Hall graduates, recent graduates of neighboring universities, and practicing teachers across New Jersey.

TESOL webinar june 2020The webinar was led by Dr. Bryan Meadows (EDST faculty and TESOL program director) and featured two guest speakers: Ms. Amber Ingram (TESOL alumna) and Ms. Diana Sefchik (TESOL faculty). In the first portion, Dr. Meadows reviewed for attendees the current state of the job market for K-12 ESL teaching positions in New Jersey. For the next portion, guest speaker Amber Ingram spoke to the ESL job search experience from the perspective of a job candidate. Ms. Ingram was recently hired by Orange Public Schools as an elementary ESL teacher and will start teaching this coming academic year. Ms. Ingram shared with the webinar audience the kinds of interview questions to expect and the kinds of hypothetical situations they may be presented with during interview. In the third portion of the webinar, guest speaker Diana Sefchik spoke to the ESL job search from the perspective of a school administrator. Ms. Sefchik described the kinds of professional skills and sensitivities that administrators look for in an ESL teacher hire. In her presentation, Ms. Sefchik drew on her years of previous experience as ESL district administrator. The webinar closed with an active open discussion between attendees and guest speakers. The webinar materials are available from Dr. Bryan Meadows at

TESOL webinar june 2020The TESOL program at Seton Hall University prepares new and experienced K-12 teachers to qualify for an additional NJDOE instructional endorsement in ESL. Starting with the Fall 2020 semester, the program is going to a distance learning model which expands the availability of the program to all practicing K-12 teachers across New Jersey. For more information about the TESOL program visit the main landing page here. To view virtual information sessions which are held monthly, click here.

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