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Student Spotlight on Omer Bin Someda  

Omer Bin Someda in front of President's Hall.

Omer in front of Presidents Hall.

In Summer 2021, I am pleased to start the MPA program, specializing in non-profit organization management. To strengthen my language competency in English, I joined English as a Second Language classes at Seton Hall University (SHU). After completing MPA program, my goal is to improve the non-profit sector in Yemen by raising fundraising, rebuilding its management structure, expanding its international outreach, and leveraging its local impacts. I am a sponsored student of the Hadramout Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that provides competitive scholarships to Yemeni students to study abroad.

Born, raised, and educated in an Arabic speaking country, I found it challenging to adjust to study at an institution whose primary medium language of instruction is English. But, glad to say that I have made significant improvements in my ability to communicate in English during my time in the ESL program.

Language is a medium through which we communicate. As students come from different corners of the world to the ESL program—Brazil, Colombia, Vietnam, Albania, Jorden, Venezuela—we communicate in English. Not only do I increase my competency in English by conversing with my classmates, but also socialize in outdoor activities such as hiking, an activity I welcome during these challenging times.

My name is Omer, a name that in Arabic literally refers to someone who is optimistic about life—I hope to live up to my name. Born and raised in Yemen, I have only been in the US for one year. Prior to joining Seton Hall University, I was at Eugene, Oregon studying English. I remember how green everything was in Eugene. Soon after I arrived, I posted a picture on Facebook of all the greenery and wrote: "Eugene is a piece of heaven".

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