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ROTC Dives Into A New Challenge  

ROTC prepares to dive

Cadet Assistant S4 Nicholas Keyes & Company Executive Officer Quinn Laidig

Seton Hall University's ROTC members were the lucky recipients of a one-time, exclusive scuba diving class titled Discover Scuba on February 20 in the school's Rec Center pool.

Professor Renee Cicchino teaches Scuba Diving at SHU as an elective. Two senior cadets, John Verdi and Quinn Laidig, inspired the idea for her to teach a special class for ROTC cadets as a precursor to their required water training, as part of the ROTC program. Some cadets experience trouble with the ROTC's water training because of their unfamiliarity or fear of water. Verdi and Laidig thought a class like this would help those cadets gain confidence in their water skills.

"The course allowed the cadets to experience opening another door and to push their own boundaries," says Laidig, a graduating senior who will enter the United States Army as a second lieutenant after training in Ft. Benning, GA.

Fourteen ROTC cadets participated in Professor Cicchino's class, learning basic scuba skills, as well as the Boyle Law, a physics theory based on pressure and depth on divers as a means for safety. All equipment for the night was donated by Blue Water Divers dive shop in Rochelle Park. The class was co-sponsored by the College of Education and Human Services and the Department of Military Science.

The Department of Military Science awarded Professor Cicchino with a Challenge Coin, which represents teamwork in a time of challenge as well as special achievements. She has been teaching the three-credit scuba diving course at SHU for six years and has had 11 ROTC cadets go through the course.

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