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Classroom Dispatch: ESL Students Promote Health and Wellness Programs to their Classmates  

Student speaking at a podium participating in the Semester in Washington, D.C. In the ESLP 0321 Intermediate Speaking/Listening class, students delivered oral presentations to their peers last week. The presentations brought to a close a two-week unit on health and wellness. For their assignment, each student was tasked with creating a persuasive pitch for a specific health/wellness program that they would deliver to their classmates. The student presentations spoke to a variety of health/wellness programs: yoga, jogging, strength training, tennis, and basketball. Students composed an English language script, selected an accompanying image, and presented to their cohort peers during classtime. Per the assignment, each presentation included examples of imperative verbs, expressions of collective knowledge, and at least three program benefits to one's health. Presentations were well-received by the audience. Students further rated each presentation for persuasiveness. The ELSP 0321 Intermediate Speaking/Listening class is supported by two volunteer teacher interns.

The academic-based ESL@SetonHall intensive English program prepares individuals for success in postsecondary undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. During morning coursework, students study reading, writing, listening, and speaking using academic materials. During afternoon coursework, students select from a range of elective classes including TOEFL Preparation, Digital Media Publishing, Pronunciation Skills, among others.

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