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ESL@SetonHall Students Enjoy the Summer Semester Break  

A photo of the beach and wavesFor Seton Hall students in the intensive English language program, the summer semester break is a time to reconnect with family and friends back home and to explore the United States together with friends and classmates. Or, it is a time to just relax and take a well-deserved break from studying. We checked in with three program students to see how their summer is going. Here is what we learned.

Jender Medina is a SHU seminarian and ESL@SetonHall student who joins our campus from Colombia. He sent the following dispatch:

"During my summer vacation I spent a month and a week in Colombia visiting my family. After this, I have spent six weeks doing my summer assignment at St. James of the Marches Parish in Totowa."

Isabela de Oliveira is a ESL@SetonHall student who joins us from Brazil. She sent this field report:

"During my summer break, I am practicing my speaking and writing with a TESOL graduate student! I also went to Sandy Hook beach to enjoy the weather, and I am planning to go to visit Boston next month before classes start!"

Hua Emma Li is an ESL@SetonHall student who joins our campus from China. She sent the following:

"I’m having a relaxing summer. I prefer to travel to other places, but it is not convenient now during the pandemic. I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer."

The faculty and staff of the ESL@SetonHall program wish all international students like Jender, Isabela, and Emma a continued summer of enjoyment, exploration, and reconnections with family. We are looking forward to the start of the fall semester and seeing everyone again on campus.

The academic-based ESL@SetonHall intensive English program prepares individuals for success in postsecondary undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. During morning coursework, students study reading, writing, listening, and speaking using academic materials. During afternoon coursework, students select from a range of elective classes including TOEFL Preparation, ESL All Skills, English for Specific Purposes, and Pronunciation Skills. The program offers in-person and remote study options.

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