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ESL@SetonHall F20 Seminar Series Hosts Guest Lecturer  

The ESL@Seton Hall intensive English program hosted a virtual webinar for international students December 8th titled, "What is the IELTS exam?". The webinar was the third installment in the Fall 2020 ESL@SetonHall seminar series. The webinar was led by guest lecturer Pfr. Hansley Cazeau, Virtual English Language Fellow with the US Department of State. The online session provided attendees with information about the IELTS exam, a widely-recognized English language placement exam. The IELTS is often treated as an alternative to the longer-established TOEFL placement exam used by American universities to determine international student admissions. Seton Hall University accepts both the TOEFL and IELTS exams during the international admissions process.

The one-hour webinar was attended by students in the ESL@SetonHall program on campus. Guest lecturer Pfr. Cazeau opened the seminar by gathering from the audience what they already knew about the IELTS exam. He next provided a detailed overview of the IELTS exam focusing on several areas such as (a) how the IELTS is different from the TOEFL exam; (b) how the IELTS exam is structured; and (c) how the IELTS exam is scored and what the scores mean. He closed with valuable tips for success on the exam as well as URL links to online prep materials. A lively Q&A and discussion period drew the virtual seminar to a close.

The webinar materials are available from Dr Bryan Meadows at

The ESL@Seton Hall program serves students from all over the world, including Turkey, Taiwan, Albania, The Ivory Coast, Brazil, China, Burkina Faso, Vietnam, Colombia, Venezuela, Poland, Morocco, France, and Jordan. The program provides coursework preparing international students for success in English-medium undergraduate and graduate programs in the United States. More information about the ESL@Seton Hall program, visit this website.

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