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Education Leadership Professor Publishes 5th Book  

Christopher TienkenChristopher Tienken, Associate Professor of K-12 Education Leadership, Management, and Policy released his fifth book, The School Reform Landscape Reloaded: More Fraud, Myths, and Lies, published by Rowman and Littlefield. Tienken takes a fresh look at the public school reform landscape that has increasingly been dominated by federal initiatives that open the door to assault by corporate and elite interests.

The book uses progressive education philosophy as the lens to investigate and critique school reform claims, proposals, and policies enacted since the launch of Sputnik I in 1957, up through the Every Student Succeeds Act, to give readers a sense of how public education has been transformed into a neo-liberal market-based system that bifurcates education opportunity and quality and reserves equity for a select group.

Some of events, proposals, and policies critiqued in the book include the Sputnik myth, A Nation At Risk, No Child Left Behind, the lies of the Common Core State Standards Initiative, neoliberalism, large-scale standardized testing, and charter schools. The author examines the mainstream arguments used to forward each proposal or program and then presents evidence-based rebuttals. Ideas for a new set of reform policies, based on empirical evidence and supportive of a unitary, equitable, and democratic system of education are presented.

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