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EDST Assistant Professor Presents Research at Two National Conferences  

Meadows with AAAL Poster Bryan Meadows, EDST assistant professor, presented his research at two national conferences for language education professionals in March.

The first conference, hosted by the American Association for Applied Linguistics (AAAL), was held March 9-12, 2019 in Atlanta, GA. Dr. Meadows's poster presentation was titled, National Narratives and the Complex Interplay of Nationalism with Language Classroom Practices. The presentation detailed survey and interview research with English language teachers across the United States and in global locations. The survey found, for example, that English teachers in the study most frequently represented US American culture to their students in the form of national holidays. The interviews also found that the study teachers used techniques in the classroom to challenge mainstream views of national cultures. The AAAL conference "is known for its in-depth symposia and focused workshops on key issues in applied linguistics" as well as "sessions on a wide range of research studies, in progress and completed". Selection to present at the conference is highly selective.

AAAL Poster Session The second conference, the TESOL International Convention and English Language Expo, was also held in Atlanta, GA March 12-15, 2019. Dr. Meadows's lecture presentation was titled, Preparing English Language Teachers for Culture Teaching: Lessons Learned from Global Practitioners. In this talk, Dr. Meadows detailed three recommendations for TESOL programs that are drawn from his interview research. They include helping teacher candidates match their culture teaching approach to their desired future teaching context; rehearsing with teacher candidates classroom techniques for challenging generalizations about national cultures; and practicing writing culture learning objectives. The TESOL International Convention annually draws 6,000 English language educators nationally and globally to attend 4 keynotes and over 900 lecture sessions. Selection to present at the conference is highly selective.

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