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Alumna Wins NYC Excellence in Education Award  

Lauren DiorioLauren Diorio '13 was selected as a 2017 Success Academy Excellence Award winner. A third grade teacher at Success Academy, Lauren won the Teacher Growth Award, which recognizes teachers who have exhibited the most significant progress in achieving classroom-wide excellence since the start of the school year.

Diorio graduated with a degree in special education and currently teaches at Success Academy Harlem 3 Lower; she credits her experience at Seton Hall for her much of her success and her drive.

"I developed my passion for special education as I was going through my different field work placements at Seton Hall," Diorio recalled. "My studies in early childhood, elementary childhood, and special education helped prepare me to be successful in both special and general education settings — and my close relationship with the Dean of Students for the education department at Seton Hall helped guide me towards my path in special education work."

Founded in 2006, Success Academy Charter Schools are free public K-12 schools open to all children in the State of New York, with 41 schools across NYC, enrolling 14,000 students, primarily low-income children of color in disadvantaged neighborhoods: 77% of students receive free or reduced-price lunch, 95% are children of color, 16% are children with disabilities, and 8.5% are English language learners. The school's students ranked in the top 1% in math and the top 1.5% in English on 2016 state proficiency tests.

Diorio noted, "Every child has different capabilities, but excellence is achieved when scholars are working hard to always meet and exceed their goals."

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