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The New Superintendents Initiative  

Intense public scrutiny and pressure for educational reform and school improvement has diminished the pool of qualified applicants for the position of school superintendent in New Jersey over the past decade. Now, under the auspices of Seton Hall University's Institute for Education Leadership, Research and Renewal (IELRR), a widely regarded and successful program - the New Superintendents Initiative - has been launched to resolve the problem. The program provides executive leadership training and continuing support to 12 - 14 qualified candidates, chosen through a competitive process, who wish to become school superintendents.

This program is presented in partnership with the New Jersey Association of School Administrators and has been selected as a model for national presentations. The New Superintendents Initiative offers developments in:

  • Effectively managing complex systems in politically challenging environments
  • Familiarizing candidates with opportunities for school/community leadership
  • Strengthening staff management techniques
  • Enhancing knowledge of equity and multicultural issues
  • Improving school board relations

Contact Dr. Michael Osnato for more information:

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