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Grow Your Own Masters Program for Emerging Leaders  

Incorporating recommendations from the newest research on effective administrator preparation programs, our fast track Grow Your Own Master of Arts Program for Emerging Leaders identifies and prepares talented teachers with administrative aptitude to become school and district leaders.

Participating schools serve as laboratories in which teachers are transformed into new leaders. Each school site has the help of an experienced administrator to mentor the emerging leaders/graduate students. Combining theory with practice, the curriculum emphasizes experiential learning grounded in problem-solving specific to the needs of the school and the practitioner.

Candidates for the Grow Your Own Master of Arts Program for Emerging Leaders enjoy subsidized tuition fees and benefit from a faculty that combines the knowledge and expertise of outstanding practitioners with that of Seton Hall University’s most prominent professors and nationally renowned guest lecturers.

Highlights of the program include:

  • Candidates learn “on the job.”
  • Districts “grow their own” future administrators.
  • Theory and practice are fully integrated.
  • Curriculum is problem-based.
  • Experienced mentors work with emerging leaders.
  • Outstanding administrators co-teach with professors.

Contact Dr. Michael Osnato for more information:

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