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Continuous Support Services  

Recognizing that effective school administrators require ongoing training and continuous support throughout their careers, Seton Hall University's Institute for Education Leadership, Research and Renewal (IELRR) has established a program to provide them with all the services they need. Access to IELRR Continuous Support Services saves school leaders time and assures them a quality product and/or service.  Contact Dr. Michael Osnato at for more information.

Typical services include:

  • Coaching, Mentoring and Shadowing
  • Training Programs in New Technologies
  • Customized Professional Development Programs
  • Leading Practices Information
  • Career Placement Services
  • Organization Studies
  • Networking Opportunities
  • Technology Studies
  • Systematic Planning

The Four Pillars

The IELRR is built on four pillars, each of which provides unique and essential program or services. Pillar number one is The School Study Council, which provides learning and networking opportunities for superintendents.

The second pillar is an in-house program known as the Grow Your Own Emerging Leaders M.A. Based on an innovative model of emerging prominence, this program will partner Seton Hall with several small districts or individual large districts to provide practical and contemporary preparation programs that yield "home grown" administrators.

Pillar three is the IELRR's Continuous Support Services component, which provides practicing administrators with a variety of essential services by noted experts, including consulting services, professional development and career placement.

Pillar four is The Center for Urban Leadership, which provides resources, training and research services specific to the needs of New Jersey's urban schools and districts. Established in 2001 as the Principals' Leadership Institute, this program now falls under the direction of the IELRR and has expanded to provide support to superintendents and principals who serve New Jersey's neediest population of students. Urban school leaders have selected the Center as their research arm relating to statewide reform efforts.

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