College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Curriculum: Online M.A., Law Enforcement Executive Leadership Program

M.A., Law Enforcement Executive Leadership
Foundation Courses (18-credits required)
HRTD 6600 Police Executive Leadership 3
HRTD 6640 Evidence-Based Policing and Data Analysis 3
HRTD 6644 Resilient Policing 3
ELMP 6664 Current Legal Considerations 3
HRTD 6646 Crisis Communications and Media Relations 3
HRTD 6630 Ethical Policing 3


Select one of the following tracks below:

Scientist-Practitioner Track (12-credits required; choose from courses below)
HRTD 8891 Directed Research 3
HRTD 7100 Selected Topics 3
HRTD 6501 Introduction to Human Resources Training and Development 3
HRTD 6506 Consulting Skills 3
HRTD XXXX Organizational Psychology of Law Enforcement 3
Emergency Management and Homeland Security Track (12-credits required; choose from courses below)
HRTD 6610 Essential Organizational Communication for Critical Incidents 3
HRTD 6620 Risk Management and Incident Command 3
HRTD XXXX Active Assailant Mitigation 3
HRTD 6622 Business Continuity 3
HRTD XXXX School Security 3
Professional Track (12-credits required; choose from courses below)
HRTD 6650 Budgeting, Personnel, and Resource Allocation 3
ELMP 6667 Personnel Administration 3
HRTD XXXX Crime Prevention 3
HRTD XXXX Internal Affairs 3
HRTD 6654 Police Reform 3

NOTE: Students may choose to do a mixed/individualized concentration where they may take any 12-credits from the tracks listed above.



Tuition for the online Master of Arts in Law Enforcement Executive Leadership degree program for law enforcement officers is discounted 50% off the University's regular graduate "non-business" tuition rate.


We encourage you to learn more about subsidized and unsubsidized loans. You can apply for loans using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

Tuition Reimbursement

Some students are offered full or partial tuition reimbursement by their employers. Check with your employer for more information.

Tuition reimbursement is typically processed at the end of a semester. If you are offered reimbursement, you will still be responsible for initial payments on your tuition. We recommend that you use loans to pay on time. Our office facilitates processing of tuition and reimbursement processing for its students.