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Curriculum: M.A., Higher Education and Student Affairs - Concentration in General Administration

General Approach

The M.A. in Higher Education and Student Affairs, with a concentration in General Administration, introduces students to theory, research, policy and practice related to higher education administration in general. Study is available on either full or part-time basis.


Program Requirements
Students must complete a minimum of 30 credit hours, including the following:

I. Core ( 15 credits)

ELMP 9997 Historical Development of American Higher Education 3
ELMP 9993 Organization and Governance in Higher Education 3
ELMP 8981 Administrative Internship I 3
ELMP 7763 Education Law 3
ELMP 8984 Leadership Institute for Administrators and Supervisors 3

II. Required Foundations (6 credits)

ELMP 7765 Policy Analysis in Administration 3
ELMP 9995 Financial Administration of Higher Education Institutions 3

III. Advanced Foundations (6 credits)

ELMP 6102 American College Student 3
ELMP 6105 Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics 3
ELMP 7103  Special Topics in Administration 3
ELMP 9994  Faculty Personnel Policies of Higher Education 3
ELMP 9998  Curriculum & Instruction 3
ELMP 8995  Institutional Research 3

IV. Research (3 credits)

IV. Research (3 credits)

ELMP 8891 Directed Research                                                   3

For additional information on courses and curricula, please see the Graduate Catalogue.

Among the required 30 credit hours, the Administrative internships (ELMP 8981-8982) are designed to allow the practical application of theories and research, and offer a combination of classroom-based academic experiences and field-based experiential learning opportunities to provide a well-rounded approach in career preparation and advancement. They can also create connection building and network development through field-based work to produce successful opportunities for job placement following graduation.