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College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Curriculum: Online M.A. or Ed.S., E.L.M.P.

General Approach

The M.A. or Ed. S. in Education Leadership, Management and Policy program focuses on four central pillars: academic rigor, practical application, technology and ethical standards. The curriculum and instruction reflect the latest research and applications of effective educational administration and supervision.


The degree requires 39 semester hours of coursework. Six groups of two courses (6 semester hours) are delivered online every four months. However, administrative internship overlaps the last semesters for an additional 3 credits. This degree program concludes with a culminating project or internship, depending on the student's specific career goals.

Semester 1

ELMP 6666 Supervision of Instruction 3
ELMP 7768 Technology for Administrators 3

Semester 2

ELMP 7772 Leadership Dynamics: Analysis of Supervisory Behavior 3
ELMP 8891
Directed Research in Administration and Supervision (M.A.) 3
ELMP 6601 Statistical Methods (Ed.S) 3

Semester 3

ELMP 6665 Curriculum Development and Evaluation 3
ELMP 8983 Leadership and Management Assessment 3

Semester 4

ELMP 7776 Curriculum: Design and Engineering 3
ELMP 6601 Organization and Administration 3

Semester 5

ELMP 7763 School Law 3
ELMP 6761 Finance in Administration 3
ELMP 8981 Administrative Internship I 3

Semester 6

EDST 7310 Ethical Foundations 3
ELMP 9999 Culminating Research Seminar 3
ELMP 8982 Administrative Internship II 3

Comprehensive Examination

After you complete your coursework, you will be required to take a comprehensive pass/fail examination.


This program also requires you to attend two weekend visits to campus where you will meet your classmates and professors in the online program. One of the unique features of the online programs are on-campus weekend residencies. Residencies allow you to continue discussions, share experiences, and provide feedback on the program. Your first residency will be an orientation at the start of your first semester; halfway through the program, you'll rejoin your class for the second residency; and commencement will be your final residency.