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Curriculum: M.A./Ed.S., Catholic School Leadership

General Approach

The curriculum for this unique program draws upon both the secular field of educational leadership, as well as the Catholic educational and spiritual tradition, with attention to contemporary issues in the life of the Catholic Church and schools.


Degree Requirements

Program of Study - Year One

ELMP 6872 Catholic Identity, Ethos, and Culture 3
ELMP 7768 Microcomputers for Administrators 3
ELMP 6666 Supervision of Instruction 3
ELMP 6665 Curriculum: Development and Evaluation 3
ELMP 8891 Directed Research in Administration and Supervision (M.A.) 3
ELMP 6005 Statistical Methods (Ed.S.) 3
ELMP 6761 Finance Administration 3

Program of Study - Year Two

ELMP 6871 Principal as Servant Leader 3
ELMP 6601 Organization and Administration 3
ELMP 7763 School Law: State of New Jersey/Constitutional Law 3
ELMP 7776 Curriculum: Design and Engineering 3
ELMP 7772 Leadership Dynamics: Analysis of Supervisory Behavior 3
ELMP 8981 Administrative Internship I 3
ELMP 8982 Administrative Internship II 3
ELMP 8982 Administrative Internship II 3

For additional information on courses and curricula, please see the Graduate Catalogue.

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