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Curriculum: Ph.D. Higher Education Leadership, Management and Policy


Doctoral students will be considered for matriculation after completing 18 core course credits and by demonstrating competence in the core courses by successfully passing a qualifying written examination. The 18-credit core provides a common educational experience to doctoral students in both the Ph.D. and Ed.D. programs. The six courses include three courses with specific higher education content (Introduction to Higher Education as a Field of Study, Historical Development, and Organization and Governance of Higher Education), two courses that provide a foundation for research skills (Directed Research and Statistical Methods in Education) and a policy analysis course that provides a foundation for understanding how public policy for education is shaped. The core courses are:

ELMP 6005 Statistical Methods
ELMP 6101 Introduction to Higher Education as a Field of Study
ELMP 7765 Policy Analysis in Administration
ELMP 8891 Directed Research
ELMP 9993 Organization and Governance in Higher Education
ELMP 9997 Historical Development of American Education

Students are prohibited from taking additional credits until successfully passing the qualifying written examination and will have only two opportunities to pass the qualifying written examination.

I. Advanced Content (minimum 9 credits)

ELMP 6102 American College Student
ELMP 7774 Comparative Study
ELMP 9994 Faculty Personnel
ELMP 9995 Finance of Higher Ed.
ELMP 9998 Curriculum & Instruction

II. Research Skills (minimum 12 credits)

ELMP 8616* Intermediate Statistical Methods
ELMP 8986 Qualitative Research
ELMP 8890 Survey Research
ELMP 8894 Applied Quantitative Research
ELMP 8895 Program Evaluation
ELMP 8896 Multivariate Statistics
ELMP 9962 Advanced Qualitative Res.

*Required courses in 12 credit minimum


III. Dissertation Seminar (6 Credits)


ELMP 9979 Dissertation Seminar I
ELMP 9980 Dissertation Seminar II

For additional information on courses and curricula, please see the Graduate Catalogue.

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