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Curriculum: Ed.D., Higher Education Leadership Management Policy

This program requires a master's degree upon admission and at least 45 credits at Seton Hall.

  1. Core Cluster designed to provide a foundation for the study of and practice in the field of higher education.
  2. Professional Cluster designed, under the advisement of faculty advisor, to provide a breadth of knowledge for the study of and practice in the field of higher education and corollary organizations.
  3. Research and Dissertation Development Cluster designed to provide students with research skills as well as ongoing support and feedback as they develop their dissertation proposal.


EdD doctoral students will be considered for matriculation after completing 15 core clusters course credits.

I. Core Cluster (12 required credits)

ELMP 7765 Policy Analysis in Administration
ELMP 8891 Directed Research
ELMP 9993 Organization and Governance in Higher Education
ELMP 9997 Historical Development of American Higher Education

II. Advanced Content (18 credits)

Choose six Courses from the following:

ELMP 6102 American College Student
ELMP 6103 College Student Affairs Administration
ELMP 6105 Introduction to Intercollegiate Athletics
ELMP 7103 Special Topics in Administration
ELMP 7774 Comparative Study of International Ed. Systems
ELMP 7777 Diversity in Higher Education
ELMP 8981 Administrative Internship 1
ELMP 8982 Administrative Internship 2
ELMP 8984 Leadership Institute 1
ELMP 8985 Leadership Institute 2
ELMP 8995 Institutional Research
ELMP 9994 Faculty Personnel Policies of Higher Education
ELMP 9995 Financial Administration of Higher Education
ELMP 9996 Community Colleges
ELMP 9998 Curriculum & Instruction in Higher Education

III. Required Research (6 credits)

ELMP 7000 Data Analysis
ELMP 8986 Qualitative Research                                          

IV. Advanced Research (6 credits)

Choose two Courses from the following:

ELMP 8616 Intermediate Statistical Methods 
ELMP 8890 Survey Research                                         
ELMP 8894 Applied Quatitative Research
ELMP 8895 Program Evaluation                                             
ELMP 9962 Advanced Qualitative Research

V. Dissertation Seminar (3 credits)

ELMP 9979 Dissertation Seminar in Higher Education I       

Other Requirements:

Dissertation Proposal: Students must have a documented, successful defense of their dissertation proposal, signed and dated by dissertation committee members. A successful proposal defense is a required intermediate stage of the dissertation process. More detail is in the department dissertation handbook.

Dissertation: Students must complete a dissertation and successfully defend their work with their dissertation committee. More detail is in the department dissertation handbook.