College of Human Development, Culture, and Media

Admissions: Certificate for K-12 Supervisor

Who is Eligible

This program may be incorporated into a course of study for an Educational Leadership graduate program at Seton Hall University. It is also open and available for those who seek supervisory and curriculum skills.

Students who possess a Bachelor's Degree may register for these courses, however, certification from the New Jersey Department of Education will not be granted until such time that the one possesses a master's degree and a minimum of three years teaching experience under a state issued instructional certificate.

Students who already have a Master's Degree and a minimum of three years teaching experience upon completion of the four (4) courses may apply to the State of NJ for a Supervisor Certificate.

For further information, contact Ann Rodrigues, Department Secretary at (973) 761-9374

How to Apply

Complete the Online Application. For degree choose the option Certificate. Submit copies of transcripts for completed master degree.