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Propose A Program

DOVE student on the University Green.Have an idea for a program?

All student groups, students, staff, faculty and administrators planning volunteer or fundraising events must submit a Volunteer Program Proposal to DOVE before the activity date.* The purpose of this form is to avoid redundant volunteer and fundraising projects, pool volunteers with similar interests and skills, and accurately track the level of campus volunteer participation.

Once the form is complete and it is determined that no equivalent volunteer or fundraising program exists, the director will approve the project. To promote and facilitate the success of the project, volunteers are encouraged to discuss the practical implementation of their ideas with a member of the DOVE staff.

Volunteer Participation forms may be obtained in person at DOVE, Campus Ministry, Boland Hall, or through the mail. An online version is also available (Seton Hall University Student Handbook).

*Please submit all program proposals at minimum one week prior to the event. Still have questions? Check out the Program Proposal FAQ's.

Program Proposal Form