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Seton Hall University

Program Proposal FAQs

There are three steps for registering members of your organization for any community service, DOVE program or event.

  1. Decide on the service you would like to perform, or select a DOVE event or weekly program, including date and time.  DOVE maintains an event calendar on our website, and a binder listing all available programs is available in our office (108 Boland Hall).
  2. Access the DOVE Program Proposal.  Fill out the form – if your organization is planning its own service event, you would select "Community Service," "Fundraising," "Awareness," or "Justice," as applicable.  If the event is a DOVE event or weekly program, select "DOVE Program" under Event Type.
  3. You will receive an approval or denial email from me.  Typically, Program Proposals for community service are only denied for two reasons - competing programs and programs not in line with the Catholic tradition (e.g., two food drives on campus at the same time, or a fundraiser for Doctors Without Borders, which supports birth control).

Proposals to participate in DOVE events or weekly programs are only denied if the program requested has already been filled.  After you receive approval, one of your organization’s participants will need to stop in the DOVE office to enter the names/e-mail addresses of each participant into the DOVE Program binder.  Even if you receive approval, your spots will not be reserved until those names have been entered.

Hopefully, this explanation has answered any questions you may have about getting members of your fraternity signed up for DOVE events and weekly programs. 

Contact us at our main office line (973) 761-9702, or email us at if you have further questions or concerns.

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