Seton Hall University

DOVE Hair Drive

In today's society, first impressions come from appearances. Hair is one of the most malleable and ever-changing features, and if proper care is unaffordable, self-esteem and self-image can be negatively affected. Hair care products for people of color are exponentially more expensive than products for people with straight hair. This leads to a lack of resources and products for curly haired people. We want to ensure that people can present themselves as they wish and have the healthy hair that gives them confidence in their appearance in society.

Freshmen Trina Beckwith and Fatima Palomino Ramos initially approached DOVE with the idea for the Love Your Hair Drive and emphasized it's importance. As they've stated, this drive is necessary because Newark is included on the list of New Jersey's poorest cities, and when those who live in these areas are focused on paying bills and getting basic necessities for their family to survive, hair care products are not as much of a priority.

DOVE has partnered with Trina Beckwith and Fatima Palomino Ramos, and with the student organization H.A.I.R. to make this drive happen. H.A.I.R. (Having Appreciation in Realness), serves to create a natural hair community within the Seton Hall University campus, promoting individual self-care and overall wellness of individuals.                                                 

H.AI.R Having Appreciation in Realness


Basic Necessities

  • Combs 
  • Picks 
  • Elastic hair ties 
  • Bobby pins  
  • Scrunchies 
  • Fun hair clips  
  • Hair oils  
  • Bonnets/silk scarves  

Products from Black Owned Businesses

Curls is a black owned business founded by Mahisha Dellinger, who actively works to help female owned minority businesses grow to greater levels.

  • So So Clean Vitamin C Curl Wash: $9.99
  • So So Moist Vitamin C Curl Mask: $9.99
  • So So Smooth Vitamin C Leave-In Conditioner: $9.99

Ways to Participate

Make a Donation

DOVE has set up a giving campaign to collect monetary donations that will be used in support of the Hair Drive.

Mail-in Donations

If you wish to send items directly to DOVE, mail to:
Division of Volunteer Efforts, Seton Hall University
400 South Orange Ave.
South Orange NJ, 07079

 Physical Donations

Physical donations will begin Wednesday, January 27, and will be collected in the DOVE office in Boland Hall, room 108.