Seton Hall University

Heritage Month Planning Timeline

As you prepare to lead a University heritage month celebration, you can learn more about diversity months here. If you have any questions, please reach out to  

Recommended Timeline
*Depending on the scale of the event, planning may need to begin outside of these parameters. 

4+ Months in Advance: 

Outreach to University community to build committee: 

Host interest meeting(s) 

  • Can be informal so interested members can get to know each other
  • Gather everyone’s ideas, concerns, and answer questions 
  • Challenge members to think critically and creatively on ways of incorporating current students, alumni, and community partners into programming 

Create a SharePoint or Teams Channel to save all meeting agendas and planning documents 

3 Months in advance:

  • Host weekly or bi-weekly meetings 
  • Create an agenda for each meeting
  • Appoint a note taker
  • Once your event(s) is approved and finalized, Use the Web Planners which allows the campus community and constituents to request web communications. Submit a calendar event planner, a social media planner, and a news story planner to make sure promotion reaches as many community members as possible. 
  • Review the Event Promotion One Sheet to make sure your event is promoted in every additional area listed on the sheet, as you see fit.
  • Provide opportunities for people to share via social media by creating a hashtag specific to the month or event – (Example- #HispanicHeritageMonth)
  • Consider educational programming and partnerships with the Seton Hall Library, which provides great resources on ways for the Seton Hall community to contribute from their experiences – like photo and art submissions 
    • Library may be able to secure additional funding through grants for an addition of books and resources for students to take advantage of
  • Have a plan to spread out programming throughout the month 
  • Allow flexibility for various departments and campus partners to get as creative as they want with promoting the initiatives as the goal is to involve as many people as possible 
  • If possible, provide a list of videos/resources that could be repurposed and shared throughout the year. For example, career workshop content like a panel discussion or podcasts that can be shared again.
  • Consider requesting classroom and banquet room space for specific events through the 25 Live Scheduling Platform

1 Month in Advance:

  • Notify Public Safety by completing the event request form of any large event to ensure proper staffing and notification
  • For any technology and equipment needs, you can request them through Informational Technology and their Media Support Form
  • If you are expecting guests as part of your program who require internet access, they can request Guest Internet Access
  • Encourage heritage month kick off plans 

2 Weeks in Advance:

  • If the event requires any food orders be sure to order food through Gourmet Dining Services in advance. Order placed within 48 hours of the event will not be completed.
  • Appoint a "day of contact person"
  • Host preparation calls or send out communication to ensure event coordination

Day before event:

  • Ensure catering order is accurate
  • Call vendors and confirm orders

Day of event needs:

  • Ensure event space is set up to meet your needs
  • Ensure catering order is delivered 
  • IT Services Event Support

Additional Event Resources: