Seton Hall University

RPNow and Blackboard

If you are proctoring exams virtually through the RPNow system you need to communicate to RPNow that the exam has the potential for lasting 90 minutes, instead of 60 minutes, for example:

  1. When the faculty member selects the "RPNow – Faculty" link in their Blackboard course, they will see a listing of all registered RPNow Exams that are currently available.
  2. Selecting the orange icon at the right of the line for the given exam will allow the instructor to edit the exam parameters in the RPNow system.
    • Set the 'Exam Duration' to the maximum time that any one student would have to complete the exam
    • Set the 'Number of Students' to the number of students enrolled in the course
    • From the "Exam Rule Profile" pull-down menu, select the rule profile that you would like to use
  3. Select the "Manually Set Exam Availability" checkbox.
    • Set the 'Available From' to the earliest date/time that any student in the course would be able to take the exam
    • Set the 'Until' to the latest date/time that any student in the course would be able to take the exam

The RPNow parameters inform RPNow about when students may be taking the assessment, and what the maximum duration could be (this allows them to manage resources for reviewing the exams and to ensure that the full duration of the exam can be recorded).  

Within Blackboard, the "Edit the Test Options" controls when the students have access to the exam – adding a test exception for a student will allow that one student additional time.