Seton Hall University

Curriculum Modification Procedure

Curriculum Modification Policy and Procedures for Students with Disabilities
Disability Support Services (DSS) supports requests for course substitutions for foreign language and quantitative course requirements if documentation and relevant academic history supports the request and the course being considered is not an essential component of the major, per New Jersey state law: C.18A:62-44.
If a student chooses to make such a request, the student must:

  1. Have on file or provide DSS with comprehensive, current and relevant documentation and educational history of the related disability.
  2. Meet with the Director or Assistant Director of DSS to review the documentation and its relevance to the request. (Note: additional documentation may be required)
  3. Meet with the Department Chair and/or Associate Dean of the appropriate school or college to petition the course substitution.
  4. Disability Support Services' responsibility is limited to determining if the course substitution is a reasonable and appropriate academic accommodation. The Department Chair and/or Associate Dean of the school or college will determine if the course work is essential to the degree/program and if approved, what course will be substituted.


  • DSS will not support a petition for course modification or substitution if the course is an essential component of the major. Each request is considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • Substitutions are not automatically supported for individuals who may have had substitutions or waivers of a course/program requirement at another institution (including high school).
  • If a student is anticipating the need for a substitution, students should schedule a meeting with DSS the semester proceeding the semester that the desired substitution will take place.

Effective Date

January 18, 2010