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School of Diplomacy Launches New Research Team  

Andrea BartoliMilitary operations are typically considered synonymous with weaponry, however there are certain situations where strategists may find the use of unarmed forces to be advantageous. A new research team, co-directed by Andrea Bartoli, Dean of the School of Diplomacy, and Steve Moore, a Senior Fellow at the Center for Peace and Conflict Studies, seeks to explore such situations.

Weaponry can provide a level of protection and deterrence, but can also escalate tensions in certain circumstances, such as during negotiations or when securing safe passage through agreements with local enemy forces or civilians. Bartoli hopes that research into the use of Unarmed Strategic Forces can help alleviate these tensions.

Steve Moore"In certain situations, the use of force may be deemed by military leaders as excessive, and, therefore, undesirable," said Moore. "Commanders are far more predisposed to precluding or resolving conflict without having to commit troops, thus avoiding the potential for the loss of life."

The aim of the Unarmed Strategic Forces Research Team is to look at experiences and situations where the use of Unarmed Strategic Forces has been successful as well as to identify critical threats that the forces may face. In addition, the team hopes to identify studies in related areas that may provide insight in the dynamics at play in peaceful conflict resolution, and will examine anecdotal evidence from cases where military members were able to deescalate conflict through dialogue. Research in these subjects could be used to support the training of forces to utilize best practices in situations where they will be unarmed. According to Moore, the team is currently in the early stages of what they anticipate will be a three-year research project.

For Moore, the USF Research team comes at a time where demand is growing for approaches alternative to traditional military force. The Canadian Army has begun discussions of the utility of Unarmed Strategic Forces in certain operational environments.

Dr. Borislava Manojlovic, who has amassed experience in directing a research team through her leadership of the Basque Research Team, offers additional support to the team. The team is comprised of both graduate and undergraduate students. Students Diana Kraiser Miranda, Arjun Donde, Halimah M. Elmariah, and Greer Below currently contribute to the team's research; Moore hopes to include more researchers this fall at both the graduate and undergraduate level.

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