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School of Diplomacy Students and Alumni Recognized for Achievements  

Brandon KotlowStudents and recent alumni of the School of Diplomacy marked the end of the 2015-2016 Academic year by earning recognition for their impressive achievements. Brandon Kotlow, Mery Arcila, Joel Martinez, and Jane Hall were just a few of the many to receive awards in the latter half of the school year.

Brandon Kotlow received the School of Diplomacy's Academic Excellence Award for achieving a 4.0 GPA and demonstrating a commitment to academic achievement.

"I was shocked and honored to be selected for this award," said Kotlow. The cumulative nature of the award was particularly significant to him: "because this award is based upon my entire experience at Seton Hall it shows that those who selected me felt that my time here was very significant."

"I believe this award will help show employers my determination and ability to succeed in an academic and professional environment," said Kotlow. "It will be something for me to look back on for motivation while I take the next steps in my career path. It will also convince me to hold myself to higher standards, knowing that I can always do better and that I cannot settle for less than exceptional."

Mery Arcila was chosen for the Thomas Pickering Fellowship. This competitive fellowship offers a generous scholarship, two internships, mentoring, as well as a position as a Foreign Service Officer after graduation.

"As I read the word 'Congratulations' I began to tear up, as my life was about to be completely changed," said Arcila. "It was a culminating moment of all the hard work, experiences and persistence I had for years. Becoming a Foreign Service Officer was a dream that I believed was far-fetched and maybe even unrealistic for someone like me."

In addition to the program benefits, Arcila is looking forward to the relationships she will be building with her Pickering cohort and the Foreign Service Officers she will be working with. She hopes that building relationships during her time as a Pickering Fellow will help in her eventual transition to the Foreign Service.

"It will be an exciting and challenging experience that will be serving a cause greater than myself," said Arcila.

Joel Martinez received the School of Diplomacy's 2016 Sergio Vieira de Mello Fellowship which funds a two-month summer internship with the Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). Martinez will assist Dr. Philipp Fluri and his team by conducting research on democratic security-sector reform and governance in Ukraine.

Though the application process was intimidating, Martinez was grateful for the support he received. "Condensing my life experiences to a page or two was daunting," he said. "Fortunately, I had a wonderful mentor in Dr. Ann Marie Murphy who guided me towards the end-result of my application."

Martinez hopes to put the experience he will gain at DCAF to work in a future career in the areas of security and development.

"I aspire to work for an institution which advises governments and international organizations on how to support the democratic governance of intelligence and security services on a global scale," he said.

Jane Hall received the Seton Hall Experiential Education Award after being nominated by Dr. Catherine Ruby, and completing an application process. The award celebrates students' accomplishments in experiential education, which includes internships, student teaching, clinical and service-learning experiences. Winners are selected for their outstanding work and contributions to their work sites, as well as their demonstration of leadership, both on and off-campus.

Hall was awarded based on her internship experience with Worldwide Orphans, where she worked with the monitoring and evaluation. Hall worked to analyzed programs to determine their effect and made recommendations on how to better help impoverished and orphaned children all over the world.

"I was very excited to find out that I won," said Hall. "It wasn't even something I was considering applying for, so I was very honored. I immediately told my husband and my family."

Having just completed her Master's degree, Hall hopes the addition of the Experiential Education Award to her resume will help set her apart from other candidates in the job market.

"This experience has definitely taught me to always be open to different opportunities," she said. "You never know what might be right under your nose."

Mallory Finch, who also received an Experiential Education Award shared Hall's excitement over being chosen.

"I immediately called my parents to let them know," said Finch.

Finch was chosen in part for to her performance as an intern for the United States Supreme Court, and believes that the Experiential Education Award serves to enhance that positive experience, and will be a great asset when searching for a career.

Students of the School of Diplomacy regularly excel in and out of school. For updates on the latest news from the School, visit our website here.

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