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Diplomacy Student Nominates Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson for Women's History Month Spotlight  

Shawna Cooper-GibsonThe New Jersey State Department, Center for Hispanic Policy Research and Development (CHPRD) recently highlighted Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, in celebration of Women's History Month. Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, who is the vice president of student services was nominated by Diplomacy student, Daniela A. Maquera-Sardon, to be featured for a social media spotlight. 

Daniela A. Maquera-Sardon is a junior majoring in Diplomacy and International Relations and Economics with a minor in Asian Studies. Daniela is a member of the Buccino Institute for Leadership Development and an executive board member of the Student Latinx Organization, Adelante. Through her former role as Secretary and current position as Chief Financial Officer of Adelante, Daniela promotes awareness and educates on all socio-cultural issues that affect the Latino and Hispanic community. 

In 2015, Daniela moved to Maplewood, NJ, from Peru where she was born and raised. This change introduced her to new countries and cultures, sparking her interest in learning more about how they interact on an international level. As a Latina immigrant, Daniela has always prioritized serving the Latino community, on and off campus, and remained committed to its empowerment. After learning more about the mission of CHPRD—to uplift and empower primarily Hispanic and Latino individuals and families—she decided to apply and help make real change in the community. Since November of 2020, she has Interned as Project Management Coordinator at CHPRD. For Women's History Month, CHPRD launched an initiative aimed at highlighting women leaders and trailblazers in our own communities. When Daniela was asked to make a nomination, Dr. Cooper-Gibson was the first woman who came to mind. Daniela was first introduced to Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson, who serves as the co-chair for the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, through her involvement within the committee. 

Daniela Maquera SardonDaniela was inspired by Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson's efforts to make Seton Hall a more inclusive and diverse place for all and nominated her to be highlighted in celebration of Women's History Month. When asked why she promoted her and chose her for this award, Daniela said,

"As a student member of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, I witnessed the tremendous job that Dr. Copper-Gibson kept doing as Vice President of Student Services. She did not only lead activities and programs but, loyal to the mission of the Committee, she encouraged student engagement and participation. It was not just her drive and resilience to enhance the Seton Hall student experience, but her authentic commitment to justice, kindness, and servant leadership that makes her the epitome of women's power and strength."

—Daniela A. Maquera-Sardon

The Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee's mission is to foster conversation and focus attention on the universal desire to make Seton Hall University's campus a welcoming community for all. The overall theme of the committee's inclusivity work is "self-reflection." Members ask themselves what each of them can do or say to make those with whom we study, or work feel welcomed and valued here at Seton Hall. Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson has been an integral part of the Diversity Equity and Inclusion committee and plays a key leadership role in furthering the University's mission of providing exceptional opportunities for student learning, growth, reflection, and service in our global society. 

Through her Diversity Equity and Inclusion efforts, Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson has mentored and inspired others. This nomination shows the impact Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee has had on the Seton Hall Community. 

"I am honored to be featured by CHPRD for Women's History Month. My commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion and particularly women's leadership has been woven into the fiber of my work". Dr. Cooper-Gibson explains, "DEI is not just a phrase, but is the challenging and rewarding work we do, side by side with all the other goals and accomplishments we have: a premier student experience, exceptional academics, well-rounded students, life-long learners, empowered staff & faculty, and a healthy work environment."

— Dr. Shawna Cooper-Gibson

To learn more about the Diversity Equity and Inclusion Committee, click here.

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