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Diplomacy Sophomore Publishes Book for Prairie Museum  

Drew StarbuckDrew Starbuck is not in Kansas anymore. But the 19-year-old sophomore Diplomacy major and Colby, Kansas, native has still managed to give back to his community. This past summer, he published a book for Colby's Prairie Museum of Art and History on the history of the community's churches.

Drew, the son of local teachers, worked for the Prairie Museum of Art and History in Colby to compile a history of the area. The information Drew collected was so vast that the project had to be narrowed down to a history the Colby area's churches. The data he collected about congregations included details of their founding, members, and pastors throughout their respective histories, and included interviews that he conducted. Drew has written a rich and detailed monograph to add to his impressive lists of accomplishments and gathered information that may serve as the basis for future community historical projects.

This was not Drew's first go round working with the Prairie Museum. He has been involved with the Museum since he was 11 years old and graduated from participant to volunteer to employee, making a name for himself in his hometown. Stints on the Tennis, Basketball, and Cross-Country teams rounded out his preparation for college. Drew had the option to attend the University of Kansas, Kansas State, and potentially the Naval Academy, but chose Seton Hall because of its great location and opportunities for career development. Always a go-getter, he is slated to enter Diplomacy's combined B.S./M.A. program. He hopes to use money earned from his book to stay in New Jersey this summer to complete an internship. He aspires to serve his country in the future as a government analyst or in federal law enforcement.

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