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Faculty Teachers of the Year at the Awards CeremonyEach spring, Seton Hall recognizes faculty excellence across campus in two essential categories: teaching and research. This year, Diplomacy faculty have once again taken center stage for their ability to relate academic content to real-world scenarios for current students. Seton Hall has recognized Dr. Philip Moremen and Catherine Tinker as University teachers of the year.

Philip Moremen Dr. Moremen, international law expert, was recognized as the Seton Hall University Teacher of the Year. In his nominations, students from all levels raved about Moremen's teaching style, calling it "engaging and challenging." One student wrote, "I have seldom encountered such a balanced mix of technical expertise and teaching abilities in my entire career as a student. He goes above and beyond as both a professor and a mentor to graduate and undergraduate students alike."

Dr. Moremen says that he was "both pleased and surprised" to be named the Seton Hall University Teacher of the Year. Since joining the School Diplomacy almost 20 years ago however, this is not the first time he has been recognized for his excellence in teaching. Dr. Moremen was co-winner of the School's Teacher of the Year award in 2011, and before that received an award for teaching and an award as outstanding faculty member from Diplomacy students. With this new acknowledgement under his belt, he reflects, "I truly love teaching and I put a lot into it, so it's especially gratifying to receive this award." He is particularly grateful to his students for taking the time to submit letters of recommendation on his behalf and nominating him for this award.

Headshot of Catherine Tinker.Right on the heels of her Fulbright award announcement, Dr. Catherine Tinker, was honored as the Seton Hall Adjunct Faculty Member of the Year. Tinker notes that this recognition is particularly meaningful to her, saying:

I was simply honored that the initial nomination came from my students. Seton Hall's School of Diplomacy is the perfect niche where my interests thrive. None of my achievements to date have felt as personally warm and rewarding as this recognition by my 'home' university.

In their nominations, students praised Dr. Tinker's ability to provide them with opportunities to engage with real-world scenarios in class. "Organizing simulations of UN Security Council meetings, among other simulations," noted one student, "are incredibly helpful and practical exercises to prepare us for the workforce in multiple sectors."

As a proud member of the Seton Hall community, Dr. Tinker has declared winning this award as a "high point in my teaching career," and a symbol that in her quest to prepare the next generation, she is doing something right.

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