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Frequently Asked Questions

What are your application deadlines?

We have open enrollment with priority/preferred deadlines of October 31st (Spring) and March 31st (Fall).

How many applications do you receive per year?

The School of Diplomacy receives approximately 400 applications from around the world; a select group of approximately 55 students joins our graduate programs every year. Fall is the more popular semester of entry to the School (90% of the students apply for fall vs. spring enrollment.)

How long does it take to receive a decision?

Once we have received all of the required documents from you and related-institutions, the Graduate Admissions Committee (GAC) makes a decision within two (2) weeks.

What GRE scores does the school look for?

GAC considers the entire application package when making a decision. The average scores of our last incoming class were on the 50th percentile across all three sections (minimum 4 out 6 for writing).

What GPA do you look for?

GAC considers the entire application package when making a decision. The average GPA of our incoming class is 3.4/4.0.

Do you accept graduate test scores, other than GRE?

Yes, we also accept GMAT and LSAT scores, from candidates who apply for dual degrees in MA/MBA or MA/JD.

Can I request a waiver for test scores?

Applicants with an existing Master's degree (GPA 3.2 or higher) and/or more than 5 years of professional work experience in a related field (supported by official employment verification) can request test waivers. Internal Seton Hall candidates may also request a waiver.

Can I request a waiver for the online application fee?

All applicants are required to pay a non-refundable $75 application university fee. Application fee waivers can be requested by SHU alumni and friends, Peace Corps alumni, veterans, etc. If you feel you qualify for a waiver, send us your request.

What does an ideal student profile look like?

There is no ideal student profile. Last year's data indicates an accomplished diverse class of graduate students joining from 18 countries (i.e. China, Germany, Mexico, Togo) and 17 US states (i.e. California, New York, Missouri, Tennessee) with degrees in 63 different majors.

Do I need work experience in order to be considered for admission?

We receive applications from a diverse applicant pool. Data indicates that 52% of the applicants have less than 2 years of experience, 16% have 2-4, 5-7 and more than 8 years of experience respectively.

Do I need to apply separately to the dual degree programs?

You only need to fill out one online application, and indicate clearly what dual degree program you're interested in. Each school within Seton Hall will receive your application and will make a decision independently. It is also possible that you start with one graduate program and apply for a dual degree after your first semester.

Do I need an official transcript?

Yes, we require an official transcript for every academic institution you attended. If you studied abroad and transferred credits to your main institution, which issued your diploma, than we do not require an official transcript for the study abroad portion. We can review your application based on unofficial transcripts (especially for those who are in the process of completing the degree) but enrollment is contingent upon receiving the official transcript.

Do you accept transferred graduate credits?

You may request to transfer up to 6 credits. GAC will make a decision based on the compatibility of courses within our graduate curriculum.

How much time do I have to respond to the admissions offer?

Admitted students are asked to respond and reserve their place in the program within four (4) weeks of receiving the admissions offer.

I was denied admission to the graduate program, can I re-apply?

Applicants who are denied need to wait one year before re-applying again. If specific circumstances have changed (i.e. you retook GRE) you may request reconsideration for admission prior.

My plans changed, can I defer my application?

Yes, you may defer your application by a maximum of one (1) year or two (2) semesters. If you need more time, you would need to reapply in the future. Scholarship offers are not transferrable to future sessions.