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Coalition Goals

Creating Safe Spaces, Workshops, Trainings, Fora

  1. Provide faculty, staff, students and alumni with multiple training opportunities related to racial bias, justice, and conflict management
  2. Design a speaker series for the School with Black experts and experts on race related issues
  3. Create safe spaces for discussions and learning with our Black community; Create a student/teacher coalition
  4. Make recommendations to the School on the process for complaints of racial injustice/bias

Curriculum Committee

  1. Infuse content on race and diversity into existing courses
  2. Introduction of three new courses
    • Race and Racism in International Law and International Relations
    • Gender, Race, and Culture in International Relations
    • Religion, Race, and International Relations

Developing a Student Organization

  1. Develop a mission statement, purpose, motto, name for Black Student Organization
  2. Establish a club advisor, E-board, and steps to become a recognized organization
  3. Plan fall activities and fundraising
  4. Recruit Black students to participate and Black alumni to mentor

Diversifying the School and Communicating our Efforts

  1. Create a School webpage dedicated to diversity and inclusion efforts and statistics
  2. Leverage existing partnerships, follow through on commitments, and explore new partnerships
  3. Diversity the School’s advisory boards
  4. Explore grant funding for D&I efforts, explore benefits of consultancy on efforts
  5. Review our marketing and communication efforts for inclusivity and equity

Internships and Career Development, Partnering with External and Community Organizations

  1. Explore partnership opportunities that may be available through alumni
  2. Assist students in accessing scholarships and opportunities available through Black organizations
  3. Leverage existing partnerships and explore additional opportunities to create a pipeline for Black students in Newark and surrounding region
  4. Address barriers to entry through internships and career development programming and advising