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Dean’s Pledge to the Diplomacy Community

Photo of Dean Bartoli speaking to a crowd of studentsAt the School of Diplomacy, we strive to make a contribution to the good of all, not just some, not just us, but also all. We do this individually and as a community. I do this through my dedication to genocide prevention, through volunteering with the poor and elderly, and through my commitment to developing our students to become leaders making a difference in the world. With pride, I watch you contributing to the good of all through our division of volunteer efforts, through internships, through student organizations, by developing your own humanitarian organizations, through hosting drives for supplies, participating in benefits, and then as alumni in the trenches all over the world. In this quest to benefit the good of all, each of us is essential, each of us can contribute infinitely.

I believe that we can always do more, always be better, making our mark on the world larger and greater. Throughout our lives, we can continue to improve through reflection, self-correction and feedback. I find one of the most impressive qualities about the School to be the great care that we have for each other, for our School and for our community. I believe one of the greatest ways one cares for someone is by giving them constructive feedback. I am grateful when others can help me see areas for improvement that I might not have seen by myself, offer solutions and advice that I might not have considered, and support me with resources to which I did not have access by myself.

I care deeply for the students who are investing time and treasure to become international relations professionals. I am sensitive that as a student, you are in a delicate, transformative moment of your life. It is essential for the School to secure and maintain, for you and all involved, the highest level of professionalism, characterized by dedication, attentiveness, responsiveness, reasonableness, and responsibility.

We are invested in each other’s success, but the most important driver of excellence is personal. Each of us knows what success means for us, and we can achieve it better when we are able to cooperate effectively with others, and when we let others cooperate with us. In order to optimize our chances of success, I invite everyone to be explicit about what success means for you, what your goals are for the future and what your personal pledge is.

As we celebrate our first 20 years and prepare the next 20, my pledge this year is to serve all members of the school of diplomacy community: students, faculty, administrators, alumni and friends, through thoughtful caring, seeking to understand and address shortcomings that can be resolved, while exploring goals that can dramatically improve the experience of all. I hope that you will care for me in pointing out clearly and patiently the shortcomings that I can correct, the areas where I can do better, and the needs in your work that I can ameliorate. I pledge to be open to learning, ready for doing, and respectfully engaging. I pledge to motivate by example, words and actions. I pledge to seek the hidden weaknesses in the systems I employ, to address them promptly, and to make all stronger.

Prof. Andrea Bartoli
Dean, School of Diplomacy and International Relations
Seton Hall University
July 2017

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