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Reverend Wesley Granberg-Michaelson to Discuss Latest Book  

Reverend Wesley Granberg-MichaelsonThe University Core, along with the Catholic Studies Program and the Catholic Studies Center, is excited to welcome back to Seton Hall Reverend Wesley Granberg-Michaelson to discuss his latest book, Without Oars: Casting Off into a Life of Pilgrimage. Granberg-Michaelson is the author of several earlier books, along with numerous articles in such journals as Sojourners (of which he was a founding associate editor), The Christian Century, Christianity Today, The Church Herald, and the Ecumenical Review. He will be speaking via Microsoft Teams next Tuesday evening, November 17, at 7 p.m. Click here to join the event live.

Having served as General Secretary of the Reformed Church in America for 17 years from 1994 to 2011, Rev. Granberg-Michaelson was and has continued to be very active in ecumenical work, including having been director of World and Society at the World Council of Churches in Geneva. This latest of Rev. Granberg-Michaelson's books focuses on the idea of pilgrimage, "the way of the pilgrim," and offers personal and spiritual, including biblical, insights into the concept of going out into the unknown with a spiritual purpose. An ancient practice often linked to Catholicism, Rev. Granberg-Michaelson as a Reformed clergyman is, in a sense, delving into new territory simply by taking on this subject. But he has spent years in dialogue with Catholics and other types of believers and expresses an openness and respect that engages the reader and listener.

Rev. Richard Rohr, director of the Center for Action and Contemplation, says, "Wes Granberg-Michaelson describes the promise and joy of 'casting off into a life of pilgrimage' in ways that make us want to start walking. A wonderful book." Jim Wallis, editor of Sojourners and author of America's Original Sin (2015) and many other books, says, "In Without Oars, Wes Granberg-Michaelson shares the deep wisdom he has gained as a lifelong and contemplative pilgrim whose spiritual practice leads him to strong and effective social action for justice. This book is a genuine must-read for anyone who wants to apply the faith to public life. I can't recommend it highly enough."

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