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The Benefits of Attending Summer Sessions at Seton Hall University  

Student on laptop during summer session.Summer provides an opportunity for people to look forward to a break in their typical year-round routines. It is a time to re-energize, retool and refresh. Take advantage of new prospects and develop leading-edge skills to remain professionally competitive.

“At Seton Hall University, we have such a diversity of summer course offerings. Perhaps you are a pre-college student hoping to get a jumpstart on your college career. Maybe you are a current or visiting undergraduate or graduate student wanting to fit in those classes taught by top faculty. Our summer sessions enable you to move ahead along your graduation path and fulfill your occupational goals,” said Karen Passaro, J.D., Dean of the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies at Seton Hall.

“So many of our web-based classes are available for those wanting flexibility in their summer schedule. For those who want to combine coursework with world travel, we have International Study Abroad classes providing a first-hand global education destination. And we have offerings for adult professional learners wanting to advance their career and leadership skills,” explained Dean Passaro. Pre-College offerings – for rising high school juniors and seniors – engage students in rigorous university-level coursework while earning college credit at a greatly discounted rate of three credits for $1500. Examples of subjects available include Oral Communication, Microeconomics and Introduction to Psychology.

For high school students seeking a college experience in the sciences, the University's Giant Leap Program offers advanced hands-on experience to prepare students for the world of science research.

And for college students who “live” the sciences and mathematics and find the summer as a chance to get a head start, many gravitate to intro to biology, human anatomy and physiology, general biology, forensic biology (web-based), general chemistry, organic chemistry, finite mass with calculus for business, statistics for science majors, physics, astronomy, and a favorite one credit course: sabermetrics – the statistics of baseball.

Students may also enroll in a wide variety of campus offerings from Democracy to Music in Civilization and from the Confessions of St. Augustine to Real Estate Finance. They also can use this time to explore emerging fields both on campus and on the web such as Data Visualization and Supply Chain Management.

Student on the green using phone. Some popular undergraduate web-based courses include Phonetics for undergrads interested in a career in speech-language pathology and Biomedical Ethics. World History, Western Civilization, American History and the History of Africa, Great American Speeches of Our Time, American Art, Theater as Cultural Dialogue, Principles of Marketing, Supply Chain Management, and International Finance Institutions also appeal to students looking for course flexibility.

Undergrads and graduate students can register for the web-based Data Visualization course. Additional graduate school web courses include Data Analytics, Mobile App Development, Cases in Strategic Marketing and Tax Accounting.

Among the numerous faith-based web courses available are The Search for Human Fulfillment, Introduction to the Catholic Vision, The Spirituality of Disability and Christian Ethics.

Summer is a time to learn face-to-face with new cultures and world-class faculty. Explore Chinese culture in Nanjing. Immerse yourself in the life of Rome and the culture of Italy or participate in the literary history of travel writing in Rome, Siena and Florence. Experience Scandinavia, visiting Denmark, Sweden and Norway and tracking the archaeology, art, history and literature of the northern peoples known as the Vikings. The summer program in Rabat, Morocco offers an exploration of the cultural and historical intersections of North Africa, the Middle East and Granada, Spain. The Tokyo, Japan exchange with Sophia University offers an introduction to a broad range of issues in Japan and Asia including language, society, economics, business, culture, religions, history and literature.

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