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Get Hired Bootcamp  

Bob Franco

Corporate Storyteller: The Art of Noticing Things by Bob Franco
Dragon Alley Publishing

You need a job. Whether you're searching for that first big break, or making a late career transition, today's competitive job market requires a contemporary perspective on how to best present yourself in order to leverage maximum impact. Yesterday's methods likely won't be the way you find your next opportunity. You need a plan-and a strategy to attack it efficiently and proactively.

The Get Hired Bootcamp will arm you with the tools needed to translate your value into employer needs-the critical component of increasing the likelihood of getting hired. Taught by Bob Franco, a recognized thought leader with expertise in organizational change and strategy, the four-hour workshop takes place on the Seton Hall campus on Saturday, October 22 from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. and will focus on two major topics: Interviewing to Get Offers - Presenting A Professional Value-adding Image and The Role of Social Media and Networking in a Job Search. Register here »

Interviewing is an art unto itself-and rife with pitfalls for those who are overconfident, yet under-prepared. Research and preparation are key, along with understanding how to navigate the conversation to your advantage. This is a sales job. A good salesperson must have a solid understanding of the needs of the organization-and then clearly and concisely identify how their skills align with them in order to obtain a better result. "Setting the tone with the employer to establish the person's value is of utmost importance," states Franco. This portion of the workshop will cover components such as "do's and don'ts", including how to listen and when to speak, types of questions, non-verbal signals that can advance you or set you back and how to "close" the interview. You'll also learn how to think like an employer.

Bob FrancoThe first half of the workshop also integrates best practices for building a strong resume, including tailoring it to the job specifications, clear statements and objectives and making adjustments based on career level.

Before you can dazzle prospective employers, however, you must first get their attention. How does one even get recognized among the competition in this age of high-speed technology? Part two of the day centers on the increased importance of networking and the role of social media in conducting an effective job search. You'll discover that various types of networking have different immediate objectives-and how developing an effective strategy can lead to greater pay-offs. You'll also gain insight into how a better understanding of social media networks such as LinkedIn provide unforeseen "informational nuggets" that can lead to greater connections with more influential stake-holders.

The job of finding a job can be daunting. Bob Franco and the Get Hired Bootcamp can make it a much more rewarding experience. Register here »

Bob Franco works with undergraduate and graduate business students and alumni in The Career Center at Seton Hall University. He has served as a Senior Human Resources Generalist for American Express, Novartis, Automatic Data Processing and Community Education Centers. He is President of the New Jersey Association of Colleges and Employers. Mr. Franco has been highlighted in The Innovation Superhighway (Debra Amidon), Leverage Points (Pegasus Communications) and the Downtown Business Quarterly (Institute for Business Trends Analysis), and is the author of two books: Corporate Storyteller: The Art of Noticing Things and Sidelines. He has been interviewed by WABC-TV, AOL Jobs, and NJ-12.

The Get Hired Bootcamp takes place on the Seton Hall University Campus, Jubilee Hall Room 111, on Saturday, October 22, 2016 from 8:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Cost is $99.

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