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Rocky Romanella Rocky Romanella knows a few things about leadership. He began working for UPS in 1976, loading and unloading shipments. Over the course of a 36-year career, Romanella climbed the ranks to become president and general manager of UPS Supply Chain Solutions. More recently, he launched his own consulting firm, 3SIXTY Management Services, LLC, wrote a book on balanced leadership, and took his process-oriented approach to successful leadership on the road, engaging a wide array of corporate, nonprofit, and academic audiences.

Romanella's guiding principle is that relationships – whether in business or in our personal lives – rise and fall on the way we treat one another and that effective leadership skills are intrinsic to our success in the workplace and beyond. "Leaders live their values and set the tone from the top," Romanella believes. "Leadership is not a passive duty -- it is an active responsibility. This means providing people with the leadership they need to successfully reach their desired goals in concert with those in the organization."

Tighten The Lug Nuts

Rocky Romanella, author of a new book on balanced leadership, will be teaching a class on Why Values Matter, at Seton Hall.

The workshop takes place on Thursday, April 27 from 9 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. in the ITV Room located on the 1st floor of the Walsh Library.

Sponsored by the Division of Continuing Education and Professional Studies, the program is intended for anyone who is interested in learning how to establish a values-oriented organizational culture that exceeds personal, team, and institutional goals.

In his new book, Tighten the Lug Nuts: The Principles of Balanced Leadership, Romanella explores the ways a true leader can add value as a trusted advisor, mentor, and visionary. He writes: "Leadership is something we all have concerns matter our age, gender, occupation, educational level or position in life. Through this extension we are all leaders to someone at some time. It can be a person under our supervision or care, a spouse we honor and live with, a child we nurture, a student we teach or a player we coach."

Why Values Matter will focus on developing leadership techniques for inspiring and empowering employees to support organizational values. Throughout the afternoon, participants will learn the five essential components of value-based leadership: balanced leadership, mission and vision, expectations and accountability, decision making, and exceptional leadership. The program will provide a valuable resource for current and aspiring leaders.

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