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SHELLS Programs

CCRE is pleased to announce the Seton Hall Experiential Learning and Leadership through Service (SHELLS) program. This program gives local nonprofit agencies the opportunity to receive project and technical assistance for Seton Hall University undergraduate students. Proposals will be accepted on a competitive basis.

Teams of student from various undergraduate programs, supervised by Seton Hall faculty, will work on projects as part of their coursework during the fall and spring semester. Nonprofit applicants must demonstrate an interest in and an ability to work with students in developing and implementing projects.

Call Timothy Hoffman, Director, at (973) 761-9683, or email for details.

Organization Brief Description
Alanon Club Restoration The meeting and activities sponsored by the Alanon association take place in a sturdy, two storey 1886 building. As time has passed, the need for updating the structure has increased- the present Board of Trustees voted a while back to begin the process of seeking assistance from grants and foundations to finance the required items, which include a new roof, new windows and wooden sliding, plumbing and electrical upgrades to code, replace existing deck and stairway.
The ARC of Essex County To provide a business plan regarding a group of 350 adults with a developmental disabilities who are active with the ARC of Essex and who live in Essex County.
COPE CENTER, INC COPE CENTER, INC. seeks an assistant to research and find a new grant funding sources for its expanding prevention programming.
Friends Health Connection Friends Health Connection has an outstanding 23 year history of helping individuals with health challenges and their caregivers by connecting each person with a friend who has been through the same illness for mutual support. We also have a renowned lecture bureau through which we schedule top experts in health and wellness, as well as celebrities who have through illness. Many of these speakers have done recording for us to include on our site. We are hoping that your group of young, energetic, and very web savvy students will help us during this time of transition. We are confident they can come up with great ideas and creative ways to further develop our current online programs and services, enhance the look and feel of our online community, and further heighten awareness of our presence online.
International Youth Organization IYO is celebrating its 40th anniversary and must expand and solidify its campaign for the next group of youth and families members to become productive citizens. Carolyn Wallace Co- Founder and recipient of the 1992 Seton Hall Certificate of Appreciation needs a strong PR campaign.
Lions Eye Bank of New Jersey Conduct research to identify grants, organization and individuals to assist in the development of the strategy to meet the fundraising goals for the Lions Eye Bank of New Jersey in 2010-2011.
New Community Corporation New Community Corporation Youth Service Dept. services 3000 students a year. Youth Services would like to have a survey design and analysis of its programs.
New Eyes for the Needy New Eyes will be embarking on a national campaign to collect one million used eyeglasses. These glasses will be sorted, categorized, and measured for distribution to poor children and adults living in developmental countries. Students will create marketing/public relations plan for both traditional and new media. The team is encouraged to think creatively and with a national scope.
NCADD: National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence of Middlesex County Currently NCADD does not have Annual Fund Campaign. Projects undertaken have been pulling money from our reserves and depleting our operating budget. Most programs we run are either self funded or grant governed. We would like to be able to offer more services to the community, as well as other organization but lack the freedom of resources to do so.
Rahway Community Action Organization R.C.A. O/JFK Center needs to streamline its business structure.
St. Joseph the Carpenter School St. Joseph the Carpenter School is a beacon of academic success for students who would otherwise be in a failing district. Our greatest need is to bring our successes to light through an updated and effective website as well as to connect with our Alumni.
Precious Littles Early Childhood Development Center, Inc. Precious Littles Early Childhood Dev. Ctr, INC.  would like to have some assistance in marketing strategies and ideas to raise awareness of the services Precious Littles have to offer and for community collaborations partnership and which will add ad/or enhance services to the community.
Unified Vailsburg Services Organization The web site developed for UVSO approximately ten years ago is hard to access for staff and visitors. The host agency is unresponsive, unreliable and apparently unable to fix problems with accessibility. UVSO request the assistance of SHELLS with reconfiguring and improving usability of the agency website. This includes research, recommendations and specifications for user- friendly, fast and highly responsive host organizations and web management companies; and redesign of the website to include a new home page, new program division pages and an agency/ community bulletin board feature that permits updates and regular dialogue about events and activities in the Vailsburg neighborhood.
Women's Fund of New Jersey Use tools to determine giving capacity of select donors from WFNJ data base.
Wynonna's House Child Advocacy Center Students will design & coordinate appeals, special events, public awareness efforts, including social media, mailings, community engagement efforts of various sizes (i.e. Board sponsored cocktail receptions, annual gala events, outreach efforts for families).