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Media Studies

Curriculum for B.A., Visual and Sound Media: Concentration in Media Studies

The media studies concentration within the Visual and Sound Media major is for students who want to explore in depth the complex relationship between media, culture, and society.  Students take advanced courses in media studies in topics ranging from television genres; film authorship; digital media studies; reality TV; and sports, media, and culture.

This concentration focuses on how media represent various social groups, how media engage with diversity in society, how media are shaped by and shape the societies and cultures from which they emerge, how media are venues through which serious artists make important statements about what it means to live in a society, how audiences are active participants in media culture through various digital and social media practices, and many other fascinating topics.

Visual and Sound Media Program Core (18 credits)

Complete the following five (5) courses:

  • COBF 2210 Introduction to Media Studies
  • COBF 2212 Introduction to Visual Theory
  • COBF 2220 Introduction to Film and TV Production
  • COBF 2231 Electronic Age in America 
  • COBF 2232 Evolution of Film Art

Complete one (1) of the following courses:

  • COBF 2222 Television-Film Writing
  • COBF 2401 Writing for Radio

Media Studies Concentration

Media Studies Courses (12 credits) – choose four:

  • COBF 2213 Documentary Film
  • COBF 2234 Film Directors
  • COBF 2252 Digital Media Studies
  • COBF 2254 Reality Television
  • COBF 2470 Music in Film
  • COBF 2884 Sports, Media, and Culture
  • COBF 2885 Sports and Film
  • COBF 3212 Contemporary Cinema
  • COBF 3214 Film Criticism
  • COBF 3216 Film Genre
  • COBF 3218 Television Genres
  • COBF 3219 The Future of Sports Media
  • COTC 2240 Media Criticism

Production Courses (6 credits) – Complete two (2) courses from the television, film, or sound production and engineering concentration(s).

Media Studies Electives (6 credits) – Choose one (1) of the following two options:

  1. Complete two (2) additional media studies courses
  2. Complete a 3-credit internship and one (1) media studies course.

Senior Seminar (3 credits) – choose one:

  • COBF 5299 Senior Seminar Radio/TV
  • COBF 5698 Senior Seminar Film