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To earn a bachelor's degree from Seton Hall University you must earn at least 120 credits. In addition to the requirements for your major, you will complete the University Core (16 credits) and College Core (42 credits) requirements. If the total credits for your major, the University Core and College Core totals less than 120 credits, you will have a few options for completing the remaining credits called general electives. These general electives can be used to pursue a double major, a minor, further explore an area of interest, study abroad or pursue a credit bearing internship. It is recommended that you meet with an advisor to discuss your options and create a plan that supports your interests and goals. 

To see the courses required for each of the majors within the College of Communication and the Arts click on the links below. To access the courses for your program, be sure to look for the curriculum guides listed under the year you matriculated into Seton Hall University.  

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