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Undergraduate Programs

The information, digital and cultural industries are growing by leaps and bounds. Within the past decade or so, the demand for communication and visual/performing arts degrees has increased by more than 50 percent. By 2020, public relations jobs will rise by about 22 percent, and more than 350,000 new communication jobs will open by 2022.

In response to these exciting trends, Seton Hall University's new College of Communication and the Arts was created to enable innovative, genuine and professional interaction in academic, social, artistic and technological settings. Its diverse and flexible programs, anchored in the humanities and featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative curricula, provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration across disciplines. And its ideal location - only minutes from New York City - affords students a wealth of internship and networking possibilities right at their fingertips.


  • Art, Design and Interactive Multimedia

    As the professional art field has expanded vastly to include everything that is visually communicated or "designed", a major in Art, Design and Interactive Multimedia can be attained through the following tracks: Fine and Digital Arts; Graphic Design and Advertising; Interactive Design and Multimedia. Minor programs are available in Fine and Digital Arts; Graphic Design and Advertising; Interactive Design and Multimedia; Animation Design; and Web Design.

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  • Art History

    Due to the University's proximity to the world class museums of New York City, art history majors have the unique opportunity to study major masterpieces first-hand. The art history curriculum includes general survey courses in western and American art, as well as a choice of period courses, from classical to 20th-century art. Topical courses, such as "Leonardo and Michelangelo," or "Van Gogh and his Contemporaries" and thematic courses, such as "Women and Art," are also offered.

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  • Visual and Sound Media (Broadcasting)

    Students majoring in Visual and Sound Media choose a concentration in one of four tracks: media studies, television production, film production, or sound production and engineering. This major stresses a thorough understanding of media as social instruments and emphasizes responsibility, professionalism and ethics, as well as hands-on practical experience in all aspects of communication technology. Our television studio and computer labs are fully dedicated to student use. The department also offers co-curricular experiences with student-oriented activities such as WSOU 89.5 FM radio and Pirate TV.

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  • Communication

    Good communication is an essential requirement for healthy relationships, civic leadership, and career success. Across all industries, employers consistently rank communication skills at the top of the most important qualities of incoming professionals. When students major in Communication at Seton Hall University, they study, practice and master those very qualities, including speaking and writing persuasively, researching effectively, interviewing successfully, and working productively in interpersonal, intercultural and team environments.

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  • Journalism

    Journalism students are able to take advantage of the program's location in a major media market and learn strategies vital to adapt to a rapidly changing media landscape. Faculty include award winning-scholars who challenge students to become critical thinkers. Journalism students are encouraged to participate in extra-curricular activities that hone their skills and build working relationships with classmates who will one day become their professional colleagues and form their career network. Activities include WSOU 89.5FM, Seton Hall's award-winning student-run radio station; and Pirate Television. Internships with media organizations in the Tri-State area are a cornerstone of the student experience for Journalism majors.

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  • Public Relations

    The Public Relations program is designed to present professional principles and practices in PR for corporate, nonprofit and governmental organizations in an international framework. Students will learn how to conduct global public relations campaigns; they will also be given a theoretical and strategic overview of PR as well as practical guidelines for designing PR programs and campaigns for clients. Our prime location within the Tri-State area helps students obtain hands-on experience through internships - often with globally known companies - that frequently lead to jobs within the first year after graduation.

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  • Music

    Music majors focus their study in one of three tracks — music performance, sound production and engineering, or musical theatre. Music majors may also work toward a certification in public school teaching by combining their major with a Secondary Education major through the College of Education and Human Services.

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  • Theatre

    The study of the human condition through theatre enhances students' educational experience. Theatrical training produces well rounded students graduates who emanate creativity in all careers. Students gain immediate hands-on experience through Seton Hall Theatre's main-stage productions and have the opportunity to perform on campus in the Theatre-in-the-Round as well as on the South Orange Performing Arts Center's proscenium stage. The co-curricular student organization, The Theatre Council, provides a variety of student directing and producing opportunities.

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