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Seton Hall Lineup for SOMA Film Festival Announced  

SOMA Film Festival 2019 This week, the South Orange and Maplewood (SOMA) Film Festival opens at the Woodland in Maplewood Village for its fourth consecutive year, showing exceptional films and productions from emerging and independent filmmakers. As part of the College of Communication and the Arts' partnership with SOMA, an exclusive 3-hour session has been dedicated to Seton Hall University films and will include works from students and alumni. This year's lineup is scheduled for Sunday, March 24, 2019 from 3-6 p.m.

The session includes 16 works in a variety of genres including dramas, documentaries, comedies, thriller and more. The Seton Hall University block is free to students with their student IDs, and general admission is $10. Tickets can be purchased by visiting SOMA Film Festival homepage. For the full schedule, please see below.

2019 SOMA Film Festival
SHU Program: Sunday, March 24, 2019 from 3-6 p.m.

The Spoiler, Comedy (14 minutes)
Directed by Masood Mohayya, Class of 2019
A hitman who is hired to spoil movies for people faces his toughest challenge yet.

The Art to the Habit, Documentary (6:17 minutes)
Directed by Jocelyn Rogalo, Class of 2019
Brother John Paul describes how his search for truth lead him to religious life.

Pep Talk, Comedy (:55 seconds)
Directed by Samantha Innamorato, Class of 2020
To work up his courage, a man talks to a close confidante.

Horizon, Documentary (11:23 minutes)
Directed by Amber Puig, Class of 2019
A journey into students dealing with their mental health issues, as well as a critical look at the resources provided by Seton Hall University.

Aries, Experimental (6:24 minutes)
Directed by Trifon Dimitropoulos, Class of 2006
An eclectic journey through a man's mind.

Three Truths, Supernatural-Drama (11:23 minutes)
Directed by Angie Loveday Solano, Class of 2019
A grim reaper finds his perception of reality shaken when he meets an unusual soul.

G-Man, Documentary (8:03 minutes)
Directed by Douglas Woolever, Class of 2019
An exploration of one student's passion for the innovative, profitable, and highly technical world of "modding."

The Throne, Comedy (11 minutes)
Directed by Andrew Proctor, Class of 2019
When Justin retires, he wants to give his cherished doll company to his children… but they aren't as enthusiastic about it.

Seed, Experimental (3:30 minutes)
Directed by Epifinia Solhir, Class of 2020
You haven't been buried, you've been planted. Bloom.

Paralysis, Psychological Thriller (8:06 minutes)
Directed by Kelly Kopec, Class of 2019
After wrestling with the demon in her head, a young college student makes one final push to regain full control of her life.

Good, Drama, (1:18 minutes)
Directed by Eilish Montgomery, Class of 2019
A short drama about an estranged pair with an unexpected reunion.

Cracked, Drama (9:06 minutes)
Directed by Valerie Qiu Wen Ong, Class of 2019
A college student suffering from OCD excels at school, but the voices in her head won't leave her alone.

Trance, Experimental (2:46 minutes)
Directed by Erin Neupauer, Class of 2020
A young girl lost in thought becomes lost in a whole new universe.

Insight, Comedy (10:00 minutes)
Directed by Frank J. Frasco, Class of 2019
A young college student falls for what he thinks is the perfect girl but instead embarks on a self-reflective journey that allows him to be receptive to new opportunities.

Asbury Park: The Live Music Capital of NJ, Documentary (8:06 minutes)
Directed by Erika Szumel, Class of 2018
Venues like The Saint and The Stone Pony in Asbury Park are where performers like Springsteen and Southside Johnny got their start and to this day remain staples for artists following in their footsteps.

The Coconut Chick, Comedy (8:00 minutes)
Directed by Meriden Villanueva, Class of 2009
An entitled white girl prays for true love but is inexplicably changed into a Filipino girl.

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