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Meet the First Class of CommArts Buccino Leadership Students  

The College of Communication and the Arts is proud to present its first cohort of Buccino Leadership Institute scholars. During their four years at Seton Hall University, the students undertake an intensive curricular experience to develop as leaders who understand and embody courageous communication, hold fast to the principles of servant-leadership and who seek to become visionary difference makers in their careers.

"The ability to effectively communicate is needed in every discipline across communication and the arts. These students are leading, learning and growing in confidence and authority every day as the future leaders of their fields," commented James J. Kimble, Ph.D., Professor of Communication and Associate Director of the Buccino Leadership Institute.

Upon graduation, the students will be prepared to lead a life of servant-leadership in the career of their choice while nurturing the leadership aspect of courageous communication.

"In just a few short months, we are already proud of the incredible work our students are doing. Leading by example, they are making great strides in intensive academics and service projects," stated Deirdre Yates, M.F.A., Dean of the College of Communication and the Arts.

Meet the Inaugural Communication and the Arts' 2018-19 Buccino Leadership Cohort:

Priscilla FebusPriscilla Febus, of Bloomfield, New Jersey, is a student in the Communication program, tracking Political Science.

What do you like about the Institute?
"Besides feeling like a family so fast, what I love is how we all have different goals in our personal and professional lives. At the same time, we also want the same thing and that's to be a servant leader in our communities."

Ashley HowardAshley Howard, of Elizabeth, New Jersey, is a student in the Journalism program with a minor in Sports Media.

How has the Institute helped you grow?
"The experience has really helped the caterpillar come out of the cocoon and become a butterfly, so to speak. I've definitely become more sociable and I've learned how to become a leader for those who look up to me."

Sean KeeganSean Keegan, of Midland Park, New Jersey, is a student in the Public Relations program.

What has been most surprising about your experience?
"I honestly wasn't sure what to expect coming in—I think all of us were in the same boat. But, we meshed so well as a unit and we all have a great vision of what the future holds. We have the opportunity to do something really unique as the founding members of the program in our college, and I think we have a great team to do it with."

Daniel LeMoineDaniel LeMoine, of Stony Point, New York, is a student in the Visual and Sound Media program.

What's your favorite part about the Institute and your companions?
"It has given me the opportunity to be among some of the greatest and most innovative thinkers we have in various fields. Interacting with each and every member will help expand my knowledge and leadership abilities so that I will succeed in my future career."

Audrey PenningtonAudrey Pennington, of Houston, Texas, is a student in the Visual and Sound Media program.

What has been most enjoyable about the Institute and your experience so far?
"It's great to see how hands-on the program is. It's cool to think that I'm just a freshman and yet I've gotten to play a major role in so many projects and do so many amazing things."

Robin SchilkeRobin Schilke, of Pittstown, New Jersey, is a student in the Art, Design and Interactive Multimedia program with a concentration in Graphic Design.

What does the Institute mean to you?
"The program opens doors in ways I never thought possible, especially as a leader in my career field. Whether it's being the lead photographer or heading the art aspect of social media, there are so many opportunities to grow and learn. It provides a unique experience of working with other leaders while growing your own strength and helping to support others. As cliché as it sounds, we are truly a family and we want to see each other thrive in leadership roles as well as in our future careers."

Justin SousaJustin Sousa, of Mountainside, New Jersey, is a student in the Journalism program.

How does the program apply to your academic interests?
"As a writer, it is important for me to be able to articulate my thoughts and the circumstances of a story accurately. What the leadership program offers me is the chance to not only be able to express my leadership skills through writing, but also through public speaking and my actions."

Molly StoeMolly Stoe, of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania, is a student in the Public Relations program.

What are you looking forward to most about the program?
"The leadership program has been an incredible experience so far. The group has a sense of family which has made the transition to college life easier. The bonds that I have made with them will stick with me for the next three years and many years to come."

Madisyn TravisanoMadisyn Travisano, of Glendora, California, is a student in the Journalism program also minoring in Sports Media and Political Science.

What is one of the greatest takeaways of the program so far?
"When you are a leader, you have to always remember two things. One, never stop growing to try and be the best leader you can. And two, be a leader that someone can always go to for help."

Madison VanceMadison Vance, of Encinitas, California, is a student double majoring in the Communication and Public Relations programs, with a minor in Spanish.

What has been the most exciting aspect of the Institute?
"There is so much opportunity. As an inaugural member of the program in the College of Communication and the Arts, I have the ability and responsibility to shape our program into something powerful. As my team sculpts our program, I am learning-by-doing as well as networking with prominent leaders in different industries, our own impressive faculty and my inspiring peers."

Madelyn WoodsonMadelyn Woodson, of Syracuse, New York, is a student in the Journalism program.

What have you most enjoyed about your experience?
"The leadership program has done so much for me. I've learned various skills that will aid me in my future career, and can't wait to be able to use them. Not only has the program helped me, but so have all the people involved in it – they have helped show me my true potential."

For more information about the Buccino Leadership Institute within the College of Communication and the Arts, please visit the Leadership Center page or contact Dr. James J. Kimble at

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