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Line-up of SHU Films Announced for SOMA Film Festival  

Soma Film Festival In mid-March, the second annual South Orange Maplewood (SOMA) Film Festival will open on several screens between the two towns. As part of the College of Communication and the Arts' partnership with SOMA, an exclusive 2-hour session has been dedicated to Seton Hall films. Films will include those from both students and alumni of the Visual and Sound Media (Broadcasting) program.

According to Professor William Pace, Faculty Associate of Digital Media Production, approximately 30 films were received and reviewed. Films submissions spanned genres from fiction, to documentaries, journalistic videos, and even studio TV productions. Pace was impressed with the submissions, stating, "The breadth and depth of subjects was more robust than I anticipated. Students and alumni submitted some remarkable works – from funny, light-hearted comedies, through to very personal and serious topics."

Only 17 short pieces were chosen to fill the two-hour session – which was no easy task given the caliber of films. The films will screen for about 90 minutes, with the last 30 minutes dedicated to a Q&A with filmmakers. For a full listing of SHU films, see below.

SOMA Film Festival 
March 9-12, 2017 
SHU Dedicated Session: 
March 12, 12:00 Noon

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THE DANCING KING / (Filmmakers: Frank Frasco, SHU 2019, Rick Boytis, SHU 2019, Alec Baquerizo, SHU 2017, Carlos Velazques, SHU 2018) - Comedic Narrative Short / 2:40 - A passionate dancer tries to entice two strangers to join in his fun... whether they like it or not!

THIS PLACE IS A SHELTER / (Director: Anne H. Madden, SHU 2018) / Dramatic Fiction Short / 2:47 - After a young woman gets heartbreaking news, she yearns to find comfort in the world around her.

BLACK LIVES MATTER MOVEMENT / (Director: Alecia Mobley, SHU 2018) Non-Fiction Short / 1:21 - A man born into the segregated South brings context to the Black Lives Matter movement.

PART OF THE JOB / (Director: Kevin Phalon, SHU 2017) Documentary Short / 14:00 - New Jersey Transit train conductors must deal with many things when working… including the deaths of people killed by their trains.

HEIRLOOM / (Director: Masood Mohayya, SHU 2019) - Comedic Narrative Short 
5:34 - A coffee-loving young man inherits a priceless family treasure.

TO BUILD A FIRE / (Director: Emmanuel Vozos, SHU 2007) - Dramatic Narrative Short / 7:21 - Adapted from the seminal Jack London short story and shot in an actual blizzard, this short tells the story of a man and his dog caught in the harsh Yukon winter.

ZANE'S CLONES / (Director: Lucien Carpentier, SHU 2017) - Comedic TV Commercial / 1:50 / Why settle for discount clones when you can have luxury ones?

BIG SHOT / (Director: Bob Pusateri [and made with the participation of Digital Cinema 3 2015 Class]) - Comedic Narrative Short / 8:11 - A smart & spunky 11 year-old girl makes a deal the mob can't refuse, ensuring they'll both make a lot of dough.

ALLEGORY OF THE MIND / (John Petermann, SHU 2014) - Dramatic TV Short / 7:50 - Charles has an important phone call to make and has to choose from the advice of an Old Man or a tempting Young Woman.

I'M YOUR BED / (Joseph Cialini, SHU 2018) - Comedic TV Commercial / 1:10 
- No matter what happens in life, your bed will always support you, and that is why you need life insurance.

AUTOMATIC A / (Michael Kowalski, SHU 2017) - Dramatic Narrative Short / 5:56 
- Upon learning of the university's supposed "automatic A" policy for students whose roommates have passed away, an academically struggling student contemplates the possibilities.

DEATH LIVES / (Christopher Aurilio, SHU 2005) - Black Comedy TV Series Trailer / 1:38 - Death Lives follows the Grim Reaper, aka Death, as he quits his job and starts his new life in New York City.

TBS NEW SEASON TRAILER / (Senior VP at TBS Development: Thom Hinkle, SHU 1999) 
TBS New Season Trailer / 1:00 - A preview of the TBS's new TV season.

AT FIRST SIGHT / (Marianne-Grace A Datu, SHU 2018) - Comedic Narrative Short / 4:07 - A young woman finds love at a train station, but the romance is quickly tested when the next train arrives.

"SIX: Rosalie Sussman" / (Filmmakers - 2015-16 SHU Field Production 1 & 2 Classes: Jacqueline Cardini, Sophia Lovito, Laurel Murray, Louis Olvera Kevin Phalon, Dyana Trejos. Produced in conjunction with South Orange Seniors) - Non-Fiction Short / 5:12 - A woman's journey from young bride & mother to a college graduate… 35 years later.

"SIX: Ann Wylie" (Filmmakers - 2015-16 SHU Field Production 1 & 2 Classes: Collette Brisson, Hill Boyce, Joe D'Amore, Erin Dean, Daniela Rios, Natalie Tasci. Produced in conjunction with South Orange Seniors) - Non-Fiction Short / 5:36 - An African-American remembers what is was like being one of the first Black students in the segregated New Mexico public school system.

COFFEE BREAK (Director: Matt Borello, 2016) - 8:46 - Dramedy Narrative Short - A teenage girl, annoyed with her life, meets an elderly woman from which she can learn much

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