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Journalism Professor Featured in The Washington Post, NiemanLab and on CSPAN  

Photo of Professor Matthew PressmanProfessor Matthew Pressman and his new book, On Press: The Liberal Values That Shaped the News (Harvard University Press), have been featured in the Washington Post, Harvard University's NiemanLab and on CSPAN's "Book TV."

This newest round of media appearances adds to a list of recent features that includes Time magazine, Vanity Fair, and a review in Politico by Jack Shafer that referred to Pressman's book as an "answer to his prayers" for "a new way to think about the so-called crisis over 'trust' in the press."

In this latest round of coverage, Washington Post columnist E.J. Dionne used Pressman's book as a basis for his article, "The media's bias should be toward democracy." Dionne's columns are syndicated and appear in newspapers across the United States.

In the column Dionne writes

It ought to be the job of traditional media to help break this cycle. As Matthew Pressman shows in his recent history of journalism, "On Press: The Liberal Values That Shaped the News," there was a purpose behind the old ideas of "objectivity" and "fairness." At their best, journalists examine questions of genuine importance and offer citizens a chance to hear competing arguments on various sides of the issues at stake. This task includes pointing out when claims are at odds with the facts.

In NiemanLab, a blog of the Nieman Foundation for Journalism at Harvard, Pressman published his own column, "The Battle Over Objectivity Intensifies." In the piece he notes that "Many of the nation's most influential news outlets continue to apply standards of objectivity that were designed for more normal times. They turn presidential statements, even if patently false, into credulous headlines."

He also concludes that although a twitterstorm from journalists accompanies each new example of arguably misplaced objectivity and false equivalencies, "I doubt 2019 will mark the death of objectivity in American journalism. The real test will come in 2021 or 2025, when Trump is out office and journalists must decide whether it's still an option to 'normalize' the president."

On CSPAN's "Book TV," broadcast regularly across the United States, Pressman furthers the discussion on objectivity as he presents a lecture based on his book to a live audience at the Book Culture bookstore in NYC.

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